Tiny triumphs 23!

It has been a nice week here in Marshfield. Beautiful weather has finally made an appearance! I even took the boys swimming! They had a blast!

1. The garden is growing by leaps and bounds! Or is that leaves and roots? I will have to get some pictures up soon.

2. Jared and I finally replaced the remote that is lost with a new one. We have been using one remote for both cable boxes. Now we have two!

3. I have made some cakes for Kellen's birthday party this weekend. We are going to a baseball game with a few of his friends. Should be a fun time

4. The boys are almost done with their summer reading goal at the library. They have to read ten hours to get the final packet and are only about one hour away from it! Then they keep reading to earn entries in a drawing. This reading program is not as good as the one in Fort but the boys seem to enjoy it

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