Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium!

 We spent a day at the aquarium at Mall of America.  It really is neat that there is a huge aquarium there.  There is a touch tank and a HUGE shark tank.  We took a behind the scenes tour and it was amazing.  They would not let us take pictures during that part of the tour but let me tell you WOW! 

An Eel, now all we need is Ursula

Fish Face!


He was awesome

Ethan touching an sea urchin

Kellen and Jared in the touch tank

That is a chocolate chip starfish and a horseshoe crab that we got to touch

Little worm things

Pretty Starfish

They have to pose

Jelly fish!  They are my favorite!  Did you know that an adult jellyfish is called a Medusa?

More Jellies

Even more jellies

I also fell in love with the seahorses

These little guys were so cute!  That is my hand so you can tell how tiny they are

A sea urchin.  He looked like he had needles coming out of him.  I would not want to find him with my foot in the ocean


Every picture at the aquarium has to have fish face

A Saw Shark I think.  His nose was like a saw


More fish

 The aquarium had a beautiful walk through tunnels so that you could walk right under the sharks and fish.  I could have spent all day there.  We are going to have to go back soon.  I did not get enough of the chocolate chip starfish.  He was very soft and awesome!

Dick's Last Resort

 We went out to dinner at the Mall of America when we were on vacation.  Each of the boys picked out a restaurant to eat at.  Ethan's pick was Dick's Last Resort.  Their claim to fame is service with sarcasm.  When the waitress came to the table and threw our napkins at us.  The boys loved it.  They also made hats for all the diners.  Ethan was in heaven

The waiters put a bib on everyone that came in.  Here is Ethan in his

Making a beard with his bib

The Teen In Training in his bib

Jared in his bib

Where is Ethan?

Jared ordered a beer with a boobsie. 

Front of the boobsie

Jared drinking his beer

Kellen got the first had.  I think that he was embarrassed.  He played along though.

My hat.  It was a little hard to eat in

Ethan in his hat

Jared in his braids

Our waitress picking on Kellen

Poor Kellen

The boys after they ate

 I have to break up the posts as blogger is giving me issues.  Each part is going to have it's own posts.  I am slowly working on it.  We had a wonderful time in the Mall of America and plan to go again.  There was so much to do and see!  I would also like to say I am sorry that I have been slacking on the blog.  I am working on that as well.


A Quick Update

I may be getting this Blogger thing down!  I think that it may be easier in the long run!  I just wanted to update everyone on how things in the Teche household is going.  Jared is now done with his Public Speaking class and is glad to be done!  I am getting ready to finish up my first semester.  Next week is the last week of classes and then the week after is finals.  I can not wait for a little bit of not doing homework!  The boys are almost done with school as well.  They counted and only have  eighteen days left!

We are going to be gardening again this year.  We actually have two plots at the Community Garden and one at home.  We hope to up our production this year so we have enough to can this summer. 

With all of in school things that we used to do a lot have gone away.  This summer we are going to bring them back.  There will be bike rides, games, relaxing, and fun!  We are planning a vacation when the kids get out of school!  We will have some time as a family and I for one am excited.  We are planning on spending a few days at Mall of America and see all that they have to offer.  Then we will be driving to Mt. Rushmore with a stop at Wall Drug on the way!  Sounds like so much fun!!!

Well, there you have it!  What we are up to.  Once school is out for me I will update the blog more often!
                          And I leave you with a picture of a clean Ethan and a tired kitty!

A Great Idea!

I always keep a two gallon jug full of Crystal Light in my fridge at all times.  The boys and I will drink it more if it is cold and in the two gallon size I don't have to make it three times a day in the summer.  The problem is that once you get some out and move your glass away the nozzle drips a bit.  I hate to clean up the bottom of my fridge, or any other part of my fridge for that matter.  So I cut a soda bottle so it can hang on the nozzle and catch the drips!  I was very impressed with myself, and it took less than two minutes to do it!  I found this idea on Pinterest!  I love that site!

 The cut bottle already catching drips!

                       The bottom of my fridge, I hope it never looks like that again!

Last Concert

Last week was Kellen's last Elementary Band Concert.  I only teared up a little bit so I think that that is a win!  I love hearing how all the instruments sound together.  At home all I hear is one part of the song.  Most of the times without the rest of the instruments I have a rough time telling what song is being played.  I am not a musically talented person, and I am okay with that.
                                              There is Kellen ready to play
                                                        Kellen playing
                                                               More playing.

They played the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning and did that really well.  They ended the concert the way that bands in Wisconsin always end their concerts with On Wisconsin!!!

I have to tell you that they changed blogger on me and I am not that used to it yet.  So expect some weirdness until I get a handle on it.


Snow in April!

I know that I live in Wisconsin but snow in the middle of April is just ridiculous! I know that it has snowed this late before but usually not enough to stick. I was not impressed. I sent Kellen out on Friday morning to take a few shots of the snow. He took me quite literally. There was no pictures of the snow on things just on the ground! That boy cracks me up!

My Bottle Tree and Raised Garden

I recently got a Bottle Tree for my birthday from my Mom and Ray. I love it! I just put it outside and it looks great!

Jared is raising my garden bed. He is building a table and will soon put the sides up and dirt in. He says it will hold up! Can't wait to start planting!

K.C. the Cat Pig!

My kitty K.C. will eat anything! He loves cantaloupe, honeydew, zucchini, frozen peas, pepperoni, and so many other things. Last week I was cutting up some cucumbers and threw one for him. I had peeled it and he ate the whole thing! So I threw him one that still had the skin on and the picture below is what was left for me on the floor. He ate the inside and left the skin for me! Funny kitty!