Happy Turkey Day!

Just wanted to take a second to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and wonderful day!


The Teche Family


Tiny Triumphs 4

Here we are again another week of Tiny Triumphs!

1. Jared cleaned out quite a bit of junk that has been sitting around for YEARS! He found some good stuff and some stuff that I thought that I was missing! My sewing stuff is the big thing!

2. The litter is still being scooped!

3. We moved the furniture in the living room! It seems so much more spacious now. We also made room for the Christmas tree that will go up sometime next week. The boys and I want a real one this year. I feel that a real one will be harder for the kitty to knock over.

4. I have made three dinners of pork in the last week or so! Kellen raised the pigs this summer with Grandma Schumacher, Great Grandma Schumacher, and Great Grandpa Schumacher. He had a blast this summer and we are having some good meals. I have made BLTs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Pork Chops so far. I am still looking for some new pork recipes, so if you have any ideas let me know!

Internet Security

I don't know how you protect your computer but we have our own way! We have an attack kitty. Lily can even type in her sleep. I wonder if she knows the password?


Tiny Triumphs 3

I have to say that I really love doing these! It makes me think about what has happened through out the week and see what great men my boys are growing up to be. Also, it helps me to see how much is accomplished by small things adding up.

1. I tested a recipe to bring in for Teacher Appreciation. It is a Hash brown, cheese, ham and egg thing that make in the crock pot. After tweaking it a bit I think that we have a winner! Too bad my boys won't eat it. Click HERE if you want to check it out. I even added bacon! Cause anything with bacon can't be bad.

2. Teacher Conferences were held this week. While some things were negative most were positive. We were told that we have some very bright young men! Now if we could only get Kellen out of the habit of trying to be teacher we would be great!

3. The litter is still being scooped!

4. Homework has been done with out too much complaining!

5. I have found a new site that has some good looking recipes to try! Most of them seem easy enough. Which is good since I am not the greatest cook in the world. HERE it is! It is called Halfassedkitchen. I LOVE the name!

Holiday Parade 2009

Last night Jared and I took the boys to see the Fort Holiday Parade. We have gone every year since we moved here. It is always a good time. The kids get to dive for candy and they get tons of it! This year the weather was beautiful! It was not raining or freezing as it has been in the past.The boys with their hot chocolate waiting for the parade to begin
The flag
Fire Truck
Ethan enjoying the floats
Some motorcycle riders. This was one of the boys favorites
Here is another favorite! The local Remaxx realtor brought half of a hot air balloon. They are the ones with the hot air balloons in their commercials. He then pulled the cord and sent flames shooting up! The boys loved it!
A float from our neighboring city, Jefferson.
A garbage truck all lit up for the holidays. Jared and I agreed that they had to have cleaned that thing so well before the parade. In case you were wondering, they were not handing out garbage as treats.
Another float. This one was Santa's Workshop. Santa and Mrs. Clause brought the parade to a close. I have to say that this years was the biggest and the best parade yet. It also helps to get me in the Holiday Spirit!


Kellen's Project

Kellen had two weeks to do a project for school. He was done three days early and the results are amazing. The kids had to show the differences and similarities on their sections of the U.S. that they were given. Kellen had the Southwest and the Midwest.Here is Kellen with his finished project
Here is a close up of the Midwest. You can see the rivers, the draughts, the tornadoes, and the lake effect wind on this section of the map
Here is the Southwest! Here you can see the Gulf of Mexico, the coastal plains in Texas, rivers, deserts, mountains, mesas, and the climate is Hot and Humid.
Here is the Venn diagram that he did that listed the differences and similarities

Lily Meets Monkey!

Last night Lily discovered Monkey (our rat). She has been with us two weeks now and is not very interested in him. Last night he caught her attention. She was sitting on top of his cage and batting at him. He was also very curious about her. He does not come out of the cage much since he is a biter. But he has been out in his ball since we got Lily. After these pics were taken she has not been over by him again.

Monkey smelling Lily

Super Cute Kitty!

Lily is just so cute! She does some funny things!Lily in the laundry hamper (of course it is clean clothes)
This is one of Lily's favorite spot to sleep. On Jared's night stand. Doesn't the clock look like a great pillow?


Tiny Triumphs 2

Tiny Triumphs 2! Here we go!

1. Kellen finished his project for school three days early! It is amazing, if I do say so myself!
2. We are getting a new chest freezer tonight! We need it because ours is old and small. We are also getting some of the pigs that Kellen raised this summer! Thanks Grandma Schumacher! Also, we are buying 1/4 of a cow and we need somewhere to put it.
3. Ethan has read a book every day for homework
4. The litter is still being scooped!

WOW! That is two weeks in a row! I am going to try to keep it up!


Welcome Gilley!

Grandma and Bumpa are adopting a Greyhound! Her name is Gilley. The boys went with Grandma and Bumpa to meet her today. They wanted to see if the the one that they choose was okay with kids. I guess Gilley was shy but with some love she she warmed up to the boys and everyone else. Gilley will move in with Grandma and Bumpa tomorrow! They are very excited and so are the boys!Grandma with Gilley
Grandma and the boys with Gilley
Grandma and the boys with Gilley again
Lola went too! She had to see if she got along with Gilley
A close up of Gilley
Ethan with Aunt Marie and Lola
Gilley getting love!


Trick or Treat

On October 31 we took the boys Trick or Treating! We went with Anna, Pam, Jon, Nana, and Papa! The boys did not last long. We had some issues with new shoes. They still got a ton of candy that they have been eating non stop since. Happy Halloween from Lily in her new T-shirt!
Anna and the boys
The boys
Barfing Pumpkin partied too hard the night before

I think that we all had a good time. I know the adults in this family beat after the long walk!


Tiny Triumphs

I got this idea from a friend that has a blog. It is just about me posting about small things that we have done as a family (or just the boys) that may be tiny when taken by themselves but ADD up to HUGE things! So the name I have given it is Tiny Triumphs. I will post new ones about once a week or so.

1. The boys have scooped the kitty litter every single day for a week now! That is great! Then Jared or I don't have to do it.

2. Jared installed a program for the computers that the boys use. This program blocks all bad things from being able to be seen!

3. Kellen has started on a project that is not due for more than a week!

4. Ethan can now bite his food. One of his new front teeth is coming in. This makes it so much easier for him to eat!


More Lily!

Here are some more pictures of Lily!Kellen fishing for kitty
This is what the boys call King Kong Kitty
In mid jump
Lily hogging the remote
Ethan and Lily