First Fire Of The Year

Tonight we had the first fire in our new fire pit! We were supposed to be burning the lawn stuff but there is just too much of it. We are hoping to get it all taken care of by the city. We are also going to start a compost pile with the grass clippings and other stuff like that. Lots of work but we are up to it!The fire
The house is on fire! This was a birdhouse that was left here so it went in the fire
Ethan poking at the fire. He only did this when I was right there.
The first S'more of the summer! The first fire and the first S'more! What a great night!
Jared working by the fire......My very own geek!
We took Lily out on a leash tonight. She loved it but I don't think we will be doing that again. She hissed at me when it was time to go in. I call the picture above A Boy and His Dog.......I Mean Cat
Lily exploring
Lily checking out the fence


Wildwood Zoo and Park

Today, I took Ethan to check out the zoo here in town. It was an okay zoo. There was an area where you drove around and saw animals. You could even get out of the car along the way. We saw a wolf, bald eagle, hawks, bison, falcon, elks, groundhogs, ducks, bunnies and so much more!A white wolf
A Bald Eagle statue
Ethan with the statue
Ethan trying to get close to the ducks
The bear that they had was hot and was inside so this bear had to do us
The groundhogs (look and you might see the baby ones)
Ethan as some sort of bird

There was also a park that Ethan played at for awhile. I told him that we would go back. He told me that he would be begging to come back to play tomorrow.
Ethan at the top of the climber
Ethan driving a car
Ethan at the top again. He even got me to climb this. I did not like it but I guess I will do anything for my kids.

A Day At The Farm

On Saturday we spent the day with Mike, Kate, Logan, and Becca. Jared helped Mike with some work in the basement and Kate, the kids, and I hung out . Kate really helped me out with my garden! She gave me so much to put in that the side garden looks wonderful!

The kids were so worn out by the time we left! It was a long but fun day!Ethan getting ready to find the dog to shoot
Becca in the pool
Ethan sliding down the Slip-N-Slide
Logan's turn
More of Ethan
Becca going down. The boys behind her are drinking from the Slip-N-Slide
The kids in the sprinkler
More sprinkler fun!
Chickens with wigs


Tiny Triumphs 31

Another week has gone by in a hurry. We have spent some of the days doing yard work. I wish I had taken some before and after pictures because it is amazing! Now all I have to do is plan what flowers I want where. My only stipulation on that is that they have to come back every year. I am not wanting to plant every year. I already have my morning glories in and we are just waiting for them to come up. I have no idea what else I am going to put in. Any suggestions? I was thinking sunflowers. I know they don't come up every year but I do love them, they make me feel happy. We are also working on the backyard. There is so much to do back there that I am doing it in small doses. I have been raking for fifteen minutes a day and it makes a difference. Also, I don't think that my arms could take anymore than that.

1. I have weeded the front and the side garden!

2. We built a rock fire pit!

3. We got our new library cards and signed up for the summer reading program

4. The litter is still being scooped

5. I cleaned the oven. It was NASTY!

Scavenger Hunt

Today, I thought up an idea to keep Ethan busy and also get us some exercise at the same time. Also, what I planned got us a little more familiar with the new neighborhood. We did a scavenger hunt. I made a list of things that I wanted Ethan to find and we set out on a walk. Ethan took all the pictures of all the things on the list that we found. We really had a good time! Now on with the pictures! Ethan took all the pictures so some of them are blurry. All the pictures are of things on the list.Ethan with his list before we set out
Growing plants
House numbers
Big tree
Stop sign
Parked car
Pretty Flowers
Road work sign
A drain cover
Man hole cover
Big rock
Parked truck
And last but not least, a pet!

Ethan had fun and he says that he wants to do it again soon. I will have to come up with some new ideas to add to the list. Any suggestions?