Tiny Triumphs 20!

The boys are out of school! We have had some good times this week! Summer school starts next week! The boys should have a blast in summer school, they are taking some awesomely fun classes. Ethan is going to learn German, French, and Spanish. Kellen is going to do some robotics stuff and some other gross science stuff too. I am not sure how I feel about him making fake vomit. I am sure I will find out.

1. Ethan got his cast off on Tuesday! He still has to wear a brace but he can get it wet. When we got home from the doctor's office we had one heck of a water balloon fight! Friday we are going to join the pool!

2. The gardens are growing so well!!!! They don't even look the same after only about two weeks! I will be taking pics tonight and posting them so you can see!

3. Ethan got back on a bike for the first time since he fell and broke his wrist! Way to go Ethan!!!

4. My crock pot has never worked the right way. It seemed to never cook anything well. Nothing got done, veggies were raw, roasts were ruined, and an awful smell like burning plastic would spread through the house. I never thought anything of the last one. I just figured it was the plastic lining on the lid. Well I bought a new one and it works well! Now when I went to toss the old one I saw that the plastic that was inside of the base was melting out. That was the smell of plastic that was always there. So I called the company to complain and they are sending me a new one!!. But the triumph is that the smell got so bad that I bought a new one instead of using the broken one again. I hate to give up on something that I bought. And there was no fire caused!

Have a good week!

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