Happy Halloween!

Today the boys had Halloween Parties at school! I was able to go and spend some time with each boy and their class! The whole school went for a parade around the block! It was cute to watch! I hope everyone has a SPOOKY Halloween! Ethan posing by the giant pumpkins that his class made
Ethan's class dancing to Monster Mash with Ms. Householder(the M&M)
Ethan waiting to start the parade
Ethan's class all lined up and ready to go
Look out! He wants YOU!
Kellen and some of his friends
All the kids in the school getting ready to go for the parade
Ethan's teacher Mrs. Witkins. I loved her costume! Look at the little baby skeleton in her skeleton tummy! So creative!
Mr. Geiger, the principal, leading the parade
Barack Obama took time out of his busy campaigning to join the fun!
Kellen in the parade
Anna the Renaissance Vampire
Ethan handing out the crayons that he made for his class
One of Kellen's classmates told a scary story. Kellen was sitting next to him and listening very intently
More of Kellen's class listening to the story
More of Kellen's class listening to the story.
I had so much fun! I am sure the boys had a blast too!


Crayola Look Out!

Last night we made some homemade crayons. The boys had fun working on peeling the paper off of the crayons. They had even more fun breaking them up so that they would fit in the mini muffin tins. We added glitter to this batch. We wanted to see if when we colored it would glitter on the paper. It does not work but the crayons look pretty! The boys with each of their pans of crayons
Kellen's crayons. Bumpa, check out the Packer crayon!
Ethan keeping his eye on the crayons while they were melting.
Ethan's crayons in the oven.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished crayons but take my word for it my boys will soon be putting Crayola out of business!


Trick or Treat Smell My Feet...........

Today was Trick Or Treating in Fort Atkinson! We went with Pam, Jon, and Anna. The kids said that they had the best Halloween this year EVER! Kellen, Anna, and Ethan
Running to the next house
This house goes all out! They had blow ups all over the yard! If anyone knows me this is what I aspire to be when I grow up.
More of the yard
One of the houses gives out hot dogs and drinks. They have tables out to sit and relax at!
The kids and Pam having a hot dog and a drink
Anna, Hannibal, and Kellen
Another yard that I aspire to
Pumpkin spiders
A close up of the pumpkin spiders so that Ben can make me a few for Christmas!

Psst.....Mom, I want one of these
Jared checking Ethan's candy
Kellen and his candy
Ethan and his haul

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ethan turned six on October 17th. We had a party at Chuck E. Cheese. I love it because you don't have to clean the house before or after. The kids all seemed to have a good time and enough pizza and cookie cake to eat! The adults had a good time playing the games too! Ethan's cookie cake
Drew (Elena's son)
A very sleepy Jared. He flew the red eye and got home just in time to leave for the party.
Noah in the funny glasses (Elena's other son)
Ethan in the funny glasses
Aiden in the glasses
Vampire Anna
A blurry Owen in the glasses. He would not hold still for long enough to get a good picture. He just wanted to go play.


Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we carved pumpkins! Ethan could not stick his hand in with out gagging again this year. So I ended up cleaning it out for him. Kellen started cleaning his then told me "mom, it is just too hard." So I cleaned his out too. But the carving of the faces they did all by themselves.

Tip: Sprinkle Cinnamon in the pumpkin after it is carved before you light the candle. When the candle is lit it makes the house smell like pumpkin pie. Also, for another good smell try some Nutmeg too! The house smells great!
Ethan and his pumpkin
Kellen and his Pumpkin
Ethan carving a face
Kellen carving a face
Ethan carving a circle eye
Kellen making one of his many scars on his pumpkin
The pumpkin seeds ready to go in the oven
One of the faces on Ethan's pumpkin
The other face on Ethan's pumpkin
Kellen's Frankenstein pumpkin
One side of Ethan's pumpkin lit up
The other side of Ethan's pumpkin lit up
Kellen's pumpkin lit up. You can even see the scars in this one
The pumpkin seeds HOT out of the oven! YUMMY!