Fresh From The Garden!

The garden has been a huge success. We only wish that we put in more of the things that we love, like green beans. We have not gotten enough at one time to even make a jar of dilly beans. Peas are another one that we like but did not seem to plant enough. We are coming into tomato time and I am excited! I do not eat tomatoes plain but I will can them and put them in chili and sauces all winter. So soon I will be busy canning tomatoes! We also have had crappy luck with cauliflower. It just did not turn out right. So we will not be doing that again next year.

Here is a joke for ya!

What is Lassie's favorite vegetable?

Cauliflower! I know I crack me up too!Here is a face the boys made with their harvest today! Yes, we play with our food in this house!
Broccoli from a few weeks back! I blanched and froze it and we could not let it wait so we ate it for dinner the other night. And boy was it awesome! More broccoli is going to be done next year!
Broccoli again
Our beans, peas, tomatoes, and jalapeno we harvested today!


A friend of ours, Kate, had her birthday a few weeks ago. I volunteered to make the cake! Kate has bees and hives. She is a beekeeper, so the cakes had to bee themed. I made two cakes, one normal chocolate cake and one with cornmeal and honey.This is the Honey Cornbread Cake with Sweet Corn icing. It was not as sweet as normal cake and everyone seemed to like it
The chocolate sucker that I made for the top of the cake
The bee
We shall name him Buzz (original, I know)
He was made of two small circle cakes and a mini ball cake for the head

Tiny Triumphs 27!

This has been a great week here! We have kept busy even with all the rain that has been in the area this week. The boys are liking actually being on Summer Vacation! There is no alarm to set and no Summer School to go to!

1. The boys are home from Grandma's! They had fun! They were able to swim in the creek and loved it! They also went for a walk every night! Kellen will be going back next week to help with hay.

2. My knee is still a little stiff and hurts a bit if I over do it. It is getting better every day and it feels strange to have a bigger range of motion than I have ever had. The surgeon called this week and told me that after he saw the mass under the microscope that he doubts that it will ever come back! So YAY!

3. We are going camping this weekend with Pam, Jon, and Anna! We can't wait!

4. We are going to harvest our first tomatoes today out of the garden!

Have a great week!



Well, the surgery went well! They removed a small benign tumor from under my knee cap. They got what they could out but think that it will grow back over time. But for now I am done. I had surgery yesterday at about 3:00 p.m. I had to fast from midnight on. So I was not a very happy camper. I am now bandaged from my thigh down to my foot in an ace bandage. I am also icing my knee and keeping it elevated. The doctor gave me some pain pills to take when I feel the pain. But, as I am with almost every other drug, I am allergic to it. So now I just can take Tylenol. This sucks because I hurt. Also, I was up all night scratching. I have a few red marks on my skin from where I itched too hard.

Well, I am off to do a few things and get some more food in me. As I missed out on the food all day yesterday.

Have A Great Day


Tiny Triumphs 26!

I think I owe everyone a big sorry! I have not forgotten about pictures but I have been too lazy or something to get them off the camera. I will most likely do that this weekend. But, I make no promises.

1. The house is mostly clean! This will be a big load off my mind this weekend. I am having knee surgery tomorrow. I am not sure how long I will have to take it easy but rest assured my boys will take good care of me.

2. Summer school is over!!!! It seems that it went on forever. The boys had a great time but are looking forward to not setting their alarms in the morning. I have to say that I am looking forward to that too!

3. The boys are working on a few of their fair projects. They should be all done in about 2 weeks or so.

4. We are all signed up to learn how to make Mead! Mead is also called Honey Wine! It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Have a good week! I will update everyone soon as to how my surgery went.


Tiny Triumphs 25!

This week has flown by! I can hardly believe that July is almost over. We are camping in a few weeks with some great friends. I can hardly wait! I think it will be time for some adult beverages and relaxing.

1. Ethan has had outdoor education this week in summer school. He has gone out to the School Forest everyday this week. Today they made fishing poles and fished. Tomorrow they are swimming! He has been having a blast!

2. Kellen is loving his Zoology class. They have gone to the zoo everyday for the last two weeks. They get to go behind the scenes at the zoo. He even made toys for the Mountain Lions to play with.

3. I have had all my pre-op appointments. So a week from tomorrow I have knee surgery! I hope it helps my knee feel all better!

4. The boys have been doing their chores almost everyday. I love that they are becoming little men!

Have a great week!


Tiny Triumphs 24!

This has been a great week! The weather has turned warm. A few days it was too hot for me. But I would prefer it hot to cold. I am not even going to think the s word that you have to shovel. We have been able to spend a lot of time outside! I even have the sun burn to prove it. I always put sunscreen on the boys but then forget about myself. I will learn sometime.

1. Kellen's birthday party was a hit! The ball game was fun! It was HOT but we had a good time!

2. We have been going on bike rides quite frequently. I even got a basket for the front of my bike. I look very cute riding around with it.

3. The garden is doing awesome!

4. The boys are gearing up for the fair. They are getting their forms filled out and deciding what to show. Kellen is thinking of showing K.C. We will see if I let him take the cat to the fair and around all those people. K.C. does love being around people.


The Teche Family wishes you a safe and happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday, America! We will be having a great day! Kellen turns 12 today! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that he was born! I know that is not true but hey I still have baby weight left from him to loose. Do you think anyone believes me? I think everyone must!
So from Flag Cat and the Teche Family Have a great day!!!!


Garden Time!

We went over to the garden tonight and man are things are getting big over there! We were able to harvest two kohlrabies. The boys were so excited to be able to harvest more! We ate them with dinner and they were very good. I don't think that I have ever had a better one. YUMMY!Kellen and the kohlrabi that he picked
Baby tomato, if there are more than one is it tomati?
The garden!
Ethan and the kohlrabi that he harvested. He is fanning himself with a leaf
The boys and their kohlrabi
Baby broccoli
Pretty eggplant flower! The picture does not do it justice. It is the prettiest color of light purple that I have ever seen.

Kellen's Birthday Party!

On Friday night Kellen had his 12th birthday party. He had two friends spend the night and we went to a baseball game. At the game the mascot delivered cupcakes to the birthday boy! We had a lot of fun! The baseball cake that I made Kellen
Kellen opening his new cell phone!
At the game setting up his cell phone!
The bat cake that I made to go with the ball. Blogger has decided to put the pictures in any order that it feels like it so that is why this one is here. I carved this out of cake and iced it. I painted the wood type grain on it. I know it kind of looks phallic but all Kellen saw was a bat so I was happy.

Demonstration Day 2011!

In 4-H in order to show anything in the fair the kids have to do a demonstration. They can do this demonstration on anything that they want to. There were demonstrations on how to groom your bunny, how to train your dog, and how to make puppy chow. There was also one on the different pests that can hurt an apple orchard and the things to do to prevent the bugs.

Kellen did his on how to make a paper balloon. He made a poster and showed the people there how to fold the paper. He did very well. He was loud so everyone could hear and he was prepared. Not all the kids were prepared at all. I am so very proud of him! Now he will be able to show at the fair.

Kellen's Cake

I taught a cake decorating class to some of the 4-H kids. They all did a great job and I was so proud of them. Kellen is in the group that took cake decorating and he worked very hard on his cake.I only taught them stars and Kellen went WILD!

His finished cake. It took him forever to do all those stars one at a time. He will be decorating one to take to the fair this year

Clothing Review 2011

The boys were part of the 4-H clothing review. They were judged on how well they sewed their item of clothing. The boys did well. The judge pointed out a few things that need to be fixed before fair. We will make sure that we get them done.

Kellen talking to the judge. They talked about ripping seams. We somehow sewed a seam wrong and had to rip out a LONG seam. She said that every person that sewed has had to rip a few seams.
Kellen won second place for his pants!
All the kids that made something for the review
Ethan, Kellen, and Logan modeling their clothes
For some reason blogger is putting the pictures in any order that they want today so, here is Ethan talking to the judge. Ethan did not get a ribbon as he is a Cloverbud. Next year, if he does this he could earn a ribbon.

Look At These Beauties!

Yummy radishes from my garden! Some were tiny but Jared and I liked them anyways. The boys tried one and decided not to eat them. We are learning so much about square foot gardening this year that we are going to implement next year.