Kellen's New Bead

Kellen had a Tiger Cub meeting last night! He was so excited because he got his first bead. They get these instead of patches for awhile then they earn the patches!

Kellen's bead at close range

Kellen in his uniform with his new bead! He is so proud of that little thing

Super Duper Snow Fun!!!

On Sunday, after 2 days of snow we went outside and had some fun!

Ethan burried in the snow!

Ethan and the snowman that mom helped him build!

Kellen starting the butt of his snowman

Kellen and his finished snowman!

Kellen throwing a snowball at me. If I did not have the camera I would have been in trouble!

Ethan being silly!


Yes! More old pictures

Kellen and Ethan

Kellen showing how he can light up his cheeks with a flashlight

Kellen Trick or Treating at the Zoo

More old Pictures

Aunt Marie and Kellen playing outside

Uncle Ben and Ethan. Ethan is trying to eat his clothes I am not sure what Ben is up to.

Kellen showing off his new Rescue Hero. Ethan gave him that as a big brother gift

Auntie Jamie and Ethan

Daddy and Ethan

Ethan in black and white

Papa and Ethan. That is a huge bat above his head

Kellen holding his baby brother for the first time


More Random Pictures

Jared and Ethan sitting in the BIG chair at Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison

<---Kellen sitting in the BIG chair

Kellen feeding the ducks

Uncle Ben, Mommy, and Papa standing by Kellen's favorite display at the mall. It is a bathtub and for some reason he loved it

Ethan eating a cup

Mommy was getting her hair colored and had to put foil in her hair. Kellen thought that it would be fun too

Ethan did not understand that you were supposed to feed the ducks not just eat the bread

Papa and Ethan sleeping together

Kellen in the car with his Lion mask

Kellen playing soccer

Kellen striking a pose

Ethan the tounge Teche

Ethan checking out the fish on his excersaucer

Mommy and Papa reading a book to Kellen

Mommy and Kellen

Baby Ethan sleeping

Kellen being goofy

Random Pictures!

I know that these are old, but I was looking through some pictures and I had to share them.

<------ Kellen kissing a fake puffin at the Penguin house at the St. Louis Zoo

<------ Kellen climbing on the Giant Gorilla at the St. Louis Zoo. I think there is a picture of April and Uncle Ben when they were little by this same statue.

<--- Papa holding Ethan after his ride on the carousel

<-----Kellen riding his Tiger! Down below is Ethan riding on the carousel with mommy holding on to him.

This is one way that Kellen used to be goofy. He would pull the shirt up over his head and say that he was an alien.
We go to the Zoo whenever we visit Nana and Papa. We love it there. The Zoo is a free zoo. You do have to pay for parking if you don't know our little trick.......We park on the street. If you have not gone there I would highly recommend it. The Penguin House is AMAZING!!!! We try to go at least twice when we visit mainly because April loves the penguins!


Ethan and Emily

Ethan loves Emily! She is the only one of our cats that allows him to pick her up and cuddle her. This morning they were cuddling on the couch. She is not sure if she likes being loved like that but she always is coming back for more.

Cousins Visit

On Sunday Auntie Jenny and Uncle Aaron went out on a date! Justin and Anthony stayed with us! We all had a good time. We played Legos, watched a movie and drove some cars! Here are some of the pictures that I took! Justin, Kellen, and Ethan playing legos!
Justin Sporting the Mohawk hat!

Anthony wearing the hat!

All four boys eating popocorn and watching Cars!

They were so into the movie that they paid me and the camera no attention.
We got out all the remote controled things that we could find and the kids had a blast!

Kellen driving his car!

Ethan trying to beat up Kellen's car with his Dinosaur!

Justin driving the crazy car! I really like the one sock look!

Anthony taking the crazy car for a spin!