Tiny Triumphs 23

The weeks are going faster and faster. School is almost done for the year and I am as excited as the boys are! There are many things to be done with the move and such. But it will get done sooner or later.

1. Jared has been looking at apartments for us to live in when we move. This is HUGE! I hope we will find somewhere this weekend.

2. The litter is still being scooped!

3. The boys are excited about the move and what it will mean for our family

4. The boys and I are trying to get outside more now that the weather is nice


Tiny Triumphs 22 A Day Late

Sorry that this is a day late but things have been really crazy around here!

1. We have been getting rid of a lot of stuff! We have a pile in the playroom and one in our bedroom. I still have a lot to go through but I will get it done!

2. Our landlady just called today and said that she has someone to rent our apartment! Just a few months sooner than we expected it. We were planning on being out by August first now we will be out before June 20. It is exciting a bit overwhelming. If anyone needs any of my crap let me know. I have tons!

3. Kellen played a great recorder in the concert on Tuesday! Pictures and videos will follow!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week!


Build and Grow 2

Jared took the boys to another Build and Grow workshop at Lowe's yesterday. I did not get to go because I had to work. The boys and Jared had a good time! It is well worth the drive as the boys love it!The boys checking out the directions
Kellen reading what he has to do
Ethan laying out the parts
And the building begins
Kellen building
Kellen hammering
Ethan hammering
Ethan with his finished See it Grow planter
Kellen with his finished product

Clifford Show 2010!

On Friday the First graders did the Clifford Show! They do this every year and it is a great show. Four first grade classes from two schools put on the show. They all did a great job!Clifford! I mean Ethan
The sea of Clifford dogs before the show
Ethan and his friends looking board
Singing a song
More singing
Throwing up their arms in a song
Ethan and a friend of his
Ethan and another friend
Ethan and two of his friends


Tiny Triumphs 21

Here we are another week down. I am still wondering where the time goes? If anyone has any ideas as to where my time goes let me know!

1. The litter is still being scooped!

2. Ethan is in the Clifford show tomorrow at school! He has to wear red and we actually found some for him to wear! Pictures will be up tomorrow.

3. Jared got a new job! I am just wondering where to start packing. It seems that I get more stuff in between each move and now I have to decide what to do with it all. I mean do I really want to move my collection of bottles that I have saved to make sea glass with? I have yet to really make much of the sea glass.

4. Kellen and Ethan will be doing another Build and Grow clinic at Lowe's on Saturday!

Have a great week!



On Saturday we went up to Grandma Schumacher's farm so Jared could finish installing some cameras. The boys and I spent some time with the puppies and we went for a walk. When Great Grandma came by the boys talked her into taking them for a walk in the woods. It is something that they enjoy and they beg her whenever they see her. Zander eating the string on my pants
The boys loving the pups
Ethan is on a time out from playing tag with the puppies. The puppies can't seem to understand why he is just standing around. After the boys ran with the puppies both boys and pups were very tired at night.
More puppy tag
Ethan getting love
Zander in action
Kellen telling a story about what happened last year at the farm
Zephyr checking out the camera
Zephyr on Ethan! These dogs were very well socialized before they came to live at Grandma's. They are very good with the boys! I have never even seen them nip at the boys!
Zander checking out the camera
Ethan practising driving the tractor
Kellen and the tractor
Ethan being goofy
Look at my little pigs in the pig pen! They were checking out the old pen
Look at my cute little pig
Kellen and Zander. See what I mean about how well they are with the boys!
Ethan and Zephyr
That's my boy! And just for the record poor Zander!
Ethan and I can't tell who
This is dinosaur Zephyr
Kellen and the pups!


Moving On Up!

Jared was offered and accepted a new position in a new company! He will now be working for Ministry Health as a IT guy. I am not sure the exact position but I will let you know as soon as I remember! He was offered more money, paid vacation, moving expenses, tuition reimbursement, and so much more! We are excited and a little sad as this position means a move for us! We will be moving to the Stevens Point area. The boys will finish the school year in Fort and start next year at a new school.

Plus, I just wanted to say how proud I am of Jared! He has worked really hard to get where he is today!

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!


Tiny Triumphs 20

Here we are again! Another week down. It really is flying by now. The boys are counting down to summer and so am I! I can't wait for the warmer weather! It has been raining for most of the week and this morning it snowed. Yuck! But it is supposed to warm up this weekend! I am looking forward to that!

1. The boys are back in school and I am back at work after a very long vacation. I loved the time with the boys! But by the end of the week I think they were tired of me.

2. The litter is still being scooped

3. Kellen is practicing the recorder again. That means that the quiet in the house is gone.

4. We have been trying out new recipes! We have even found a few keepers!


New Puppies!

Grandma Schumacher got some new puppies! We got to visit with them while we were up North for Easter. They are so cute! Their names are Zephyr and Zander.Kellen and Zephyr (I think)
More of Kellen and Zephyr
Zander checking out what is in Jared's pockets

What Color Are Your Eggs?

On Saturday night the boys and I colored eggs. There were so many colors and so few eggs. The boys got really creative!Kellen coloring his eggs
Ethan dipping his egg
Kellen waiting for his egg to color
Some of the painted eggs
Ethan being all serious
Kellen really got into the half and half eggs. Here he is waiting for his egg to get the shade that he wanted
Ethan putting one of his eggs away
An egg turning blue
Kellen painting an egg
Ethan and his orange egg
An egg in a green bath
Kellen painting an egg
Ethan working
A close up of some of the eggs
My hands and I was only supervising
The finished products!