Camping Fun!

Happy Memorial Day! We went camping again this year at Council Grounds State Park. We always have a good time there and what can I say the showers are free. We were there for three nights. On Sunday night severe thunderstorms went through the area and we were asked to leave the park. They were afraid that the high winds would blow over some of the tall trees. So we spent Sunday night with Grandma Schumacher, Uncle Aaron, Auntie Jenny, Justin, and Anthony. While we were packing up a news crew came over and asked us a few questions that were on the 5:00 news. Here is a link to the interview. Make sure that you hit the red video camera in the upper right hand corner to see the interview. Here is our tent.
Ethan having a juice break

Kellen in his school sweatshirt

The Bottle Bass hangs on our post of our campsite. R.I.P. Bottle Bass. It was a sad day when we realized that we left him hanging on the camp pole. We are looking for something to replace him. It just won't be the same.
Kellen practicing fishing in the river

Ethan practicing fishing
Ethan getting a little deeper in the water

The boys in the water. I thought the water was cold but I guess they did not.

Ethan and his air filled shorts

Kellen in the water
One of our eggs broke and Jared put it on the fire. The boys thought that it was great when it exploded!


Castle Park

Ethan and I met Jamie, Aiden, and Owen at the castle park a few weeks ago. We had so much fun! When Owen got on the swing some little girl just came up and started pushing him. I thought that it was so cute!
Aiden on the left and Ethan's butt hanging out one of the windows
Aiden and Auntie Jamie going down the slide
Owen, Aiden, and Ethan going down the slide like a Choo-Choo Train

Easter With Grandma and Bumpa

We spent an afternoon with Grandma, Bumpa, Uncle Ben, and Auntie Marie and celebrated Easter a bit late. This is what their baskets looked like. Grandma and Bumpa spoil them
Nice hiding spot Grandma! Too bad none of the kids could reach it.
Ethan checking out his eggs
Kellen looking for more eggs
Counting the eggs.
Ethan on the hunt
Ethan found one of the many that were hidden in the tree.

Puzzle Time

We found a puzzle and thought that it would be fun to try to put it together. Little did we know that it was missing a piece so we stopped putting it together. Jared and Kellen working on the edges. These two were the only ones left since April and Ethan quickly lost the urge to work on it.
Ethan peeking out from behind the box. That is what it was supposed to look like. Too bad it did not work

Kellen's New Look

A few weeks ago April took Kellen to the Eye Doctor. She noticed that he was squinting a lot. The Doctor said that Kellen was near sighted and needed glasses. Kellen thought that it was cool til he got them and actually had to wear them. He has to wear them all the time except for gym class and recess. Here are some pictures of him in his two new pairs. Kellen and his spare pair.
Kellen and the pair that he wears all the time. I know they look crooked but I think that is just his head or maybe his ears.

Kellen has been published again!

The school that Kellen goes to puts out a Luther Literature book each year. Kellen's was chosen to go into it! Here it is just the way he wrote it.

This is what I did for Christmas By Kellen

I go to my Grandma Sherry's house every year on the 24th of December. This year I went to my other Grandma's house that night for Christmas. Then on Christmas I got a bionicle (bi-on-ik-le) from Santa. It was very fun there because I got a fuzin (fuzzion) from Santa then I went home and tried it out.

I thought this was cute. The way he tried to let us know how to pronounce things right. I loved it!