Happy New Year!

The Teche Family wishes you a very happy New Year. We hope that the new year is everything that you hope it is! Love, Jared, April, Kellen, and Ethan


Tiny Triumphs 45!

What a week it has been! Busy but very relaxing. The boys have been off of school and are playing with all their new stuff! They are having a blast and I am having a great time relaxing.

1. We are truly very lucky to have family and friends that we have. We have been able to see quite a few in the last few weeks. Our family has been spoiling us.

2. The boys have put all of their new toys to good use!

3. I have started the countdown until I start school!

4. We are excited to see what a new year holds for us!

Have a great week!

Christmas Eve! 2011

We spend Christmas Eve at Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jerry's house. We always have a blast! I was having so much fun this year that I did not take very many pictures. Sorry!The family
Frizz came out to watch us all

Christmas Morning! 2011

We spend Christmas morning at Grandma Schumacher's house. This year was a good year for us. I worked at Figi's so we could get the boys their big gift. Ethan being an old man with his cane of candy
Kellen checking out his stocking
The boys with their stocking stuff
Ethan got a K'nex roller coaster
Kellen opening his Halo Lego set
Kellen checking out the laptop that Jared and I bought him
Ethan checking his out
The boys love their laptops!

Air Swimmers!

Grandma and Bumpa got the boys Air Swimmers for Christmas. I thought that they looked neat and that they were only like two feet long. Well, they are almost five feet long and two feet wide. These things are HUGE! But they are also a lot of fun!Taking over my living room
Kellen's Nemo fish
I am scared of Ethan's shark! Every time I tried to get a good picture one of these would fly in my face.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

The Teche family wishes you a Very Merry Christmas! Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! I know we will! Just make sure to be safe!

Tiny Triumphs 44!

It has been a great week here in Marshfield! We went down to the Madison area to celebrate Christmas with Jared's extended family. We love seeing everyone and the boys love playing with their cousins!

1. The gifts are all bought and wrapped! As of last night we bought and wrapped the last gifts! This is a huge thing so that I don't have to rush around on Saturday before we leave!

2. Kellen is having a party today at school! He is very excited!

3. Ethan is having a Pajama Party at school! They are also going to watch a movie. He can't wait!

4. I am done with working at Figi's as of 1:45p.m. Friday! Then I get to get ready for school! I am excited to buy school supplies!

Have a great week!


Tiny Triumphs 43!

I know that I am late with one set of Triumphs and I did not do another set. My only excuse is that I got distracted. I have been working so many hours and this week it is starting to go down! YAY! I am really beginning to be a Bah Humbug. All I hear all day is the complaints. Even though I think most of them are funny hearing it all day becomes a bummer.

1. I am done with work on Friday! The season is over and I am done! YAY!

2. The boys are really counting down the days til they don't have to set an alarm. I have to say that I am looking forward to that too!

3. Band is going well for Kellen! He thanked Jared and I for not letting him quit. He says that he likes the more difficult things that they are playing this year!

4. Ethan is a reading fiend! He can't get enough! I am so proud of him!

Have a great week!!


Ethan's Christmas Program 2011!

Ethan's Christmas program was last night. It was a very good show this year. The school had gotten new lights to use for the program so the rest of the gym was dark while the kids were lit with different colors. It was a very nice touch. But, it did make it a bit hard to get good pictures. I did get a few. Kellen reading a new book before the lights went out.
There is my boy at the top in the striped shirt. This was before the lights went out.
Here he is in the new light!
Ethan had a reading part and did very well! I am so proud of him. The songs were very cute this year. There was one about different holiday dances. Make sure you ask Ethan how to do "The Candy Cane" and "The Christmas Tree". It was my favorite part of the show!

A New Post For Kellen

At the 4-H meeting on Monday night we had another small election. The person who was supposed to be the Reporter had to turn down the post. So the kids elected Kellen as the new Rozelleville Rockets 4-H Reporter! He is supposed to just send a little blurb to the paper here in town when we do something cool. He looks forward to being the Reporter this year.

Congratulations, Kellen! We are all very proud of you!


Tiny Triumphs 42!

WOW! The weeks are going by so fast! I can hardly believe that it is already December! Where has the time gone?

1. The decorations are as up as they are going to get this year. We are not expecting any company this year so we decided to only set up a small tree. Ethan and I set it up last night. Kellen is too cool to help this year.

2. I registered for classes today! I am taking Math, English Composition, and Sociology. Should be fun!!!

3. The boys have been keeping up with their chores!

4. I have been working a lot. I enjoy it. I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I see that I am scheduled almost 40 hours next week!