Sledding, Dogs and a Kitty Cat Too!

On Christmas Day we had a chance to go outside and play with sleds and Grandma Schumacher's dogs and kitty. Ethan and Rozie
Ethan and Zorro, Kellen could not be bothered to stop sledding to take a picture with the dogs
Kellen in the snow
A tractor in the snow
The beautiful Rozie
Suzie the "barn" cat. Every time the door to the house is open she comes running and tries to get inside
Ethan on the sled that used to be Grandma Schumacher's when she was a little girl
Ethan sledding
Jared and Zorro
Grandma Schumacher went down and crashed at the bottom of the hill
Kellen sledding
Kellen still sledding

Christmas Morning 2008

We spent Christmas morning with Grandma Schumacher up in Merrill. Santa came to her house. We got a chance to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Ethan got to go and feed the cows and grandpa and him had a blast! Here is Kellen checking out the marble track that Santa brought
Ethan and Grandma Schumacher going through his stocking
Some of the things that Santa left in the boys stocking
Kellen and his slinky
Ethan being goofy with his Slinky
Santa brought Kellen an electronic Poke ball
Ethan opening the easel
It looks like Ethan REALLY wanted this

Kellen and the Iron Man sweatshirt


Christmas Eve 2008

We spent a quiet Christmas Eve with a part of April's side of the family. We had a good time but we missed the rest of the family. The boys missed the kids but we will get together with the rest of them soon. Grandma Sandy gave the boys a filled stocking. They love these! Above is a picture of the boys with their stockings. Kellen looking through his stocking
Ethan showing off his toothbrush
He knows there is something else in there.
Checking out all their goodies
Kellen and his chocolate Santa. He was telling me that I could not have it. That is why he has that face on.
Uncle Ben
Ethan and his Legos. I don't know why he has that look on.
Kellen got a Harry Potter Spells and Potions set. He kind of looks like Harry Potter now that he has glasses
Bumpa opening a present
Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie got the boys a new game for the Wii. You have to use maracas. It is fun but hard. This is a picture of Grandma Sandy and April testing it out. I think we played more than the kids that night. Also, check out April's outfit. Ray picked it out and it is not even Garanimals!


Kellen's Holiday Program

Kellen's school program was "Holiday Heroes" They sang songs and told us all how to help others to become heroes. It was very entertaining. Kellen got to wave the flag during one song.
I was not sure why Kellen moved up here with all the tall kids. Then the flag was brought out and I saw why.
Kellen and Anna Kellen messing with his face
Mr. Geiger introducing the program


Ethan is starting to write!

Ethan gave me a note today and I wanted to share it! I am going to spell it like he did!

I HAd urT Tday

Give up trying to figure that out


I had Art today

On a side note I just did a spell check and it wanted me to change urt to art and tday to today. He really is starting to get the hang of this!

Family Christmas 2008

On Sunday we went to Jared's family Christmas. We also had a surprise birthday party for Great Grandma Schumacher's 75th. We all had a great time and we stayed for a long time. I was having such a great time that I forgot to take pictures. I did however capture a few choice moments. Patrick and the turkey. He made this in the Showtime Rotisserie. You know "Just Set it and Forget it!" It was a very good turkey! I am going to have to get one of these.
Patrick taking the spit out.
We took a family picture and I think it turned out great! It is very hard to get that many people together and not blinking. We are missing a few of the family who could not make it that day.

From left to right (in no order really) Uncle Greg, Isaac, Adam, Owen, Patrick, Isiah, Tracy, Paul, Jamie, Aiden, Marli, Shawn, Jenny, Lucian, Justin, Anthony, Aaron, Uncle Gary, Jared, Karen, Kellen, April, Ethan, Sarah, Grandpa Schumacher, Grandma Schumacher, Reese, Turk, Brian, Brendon, and Auntie Carol. Yikes! I am amazed I remembered all those names. Below are a few more.

I want to thank Auntie Carol and Uncle Greg for providing a place to have this every year. Also, for all the food, other things, and of course love. We really appreciate it!


Fun Fair

On Saturday the boys' school had a fun fair. There were crafts, carnival like games, prizes, and of course Santa! The boys seemed to have a blast and they made quite a few very cute things. You know Dasher and, Dancer and, Kellen and, Vixen, Ethan, and Cupid....................
Kellen making one of his crafts
Ethan ripping into his craft
Ethan showing off the necklace that he made for Grandma Schumacher
Kellen working hard on his S'more on a sled
Ethan showing off all his crafts and the HUGE candy stick that he made
Ethan and Santa, I tried to get Kellen to sit on his lap too but he said no. It is so hard to be cooler than everyone around you. If you don't know how this feels just ask Kellen. He is nine so I hope it is just a stage.
Ethan and Kellen wish all of you a Happy Holiday!
Ethan playing ring toss
Kellen bowling for penguins
Ethan tossing bean bags into buckets. This reminds me of a game we used to play with my dad. We called it Bill's Buckets.
Kellen playing the bucket game
Ethan playing Plinko

Kellen playing Plinko

We are very lucky that the Luther PTO puts something like this on every year. We always have fun and the boys talk about it all the time!