More Snow In April?

I do understand that we live in Wisconsin but the weather lately is ridiculous. Snow at the end of April is not any fun! So below are some pictures taken on April 20, 2011. We got about five inches. I was not amused at all.The boys are ready to go to school in the snow
Front of the house
Easter tree but it looks like it should be a Christmas tree with all that snow

Tiny Triumphs 16!

Boy, this week has gone by in a blur. Busy, busy, busy! It has been a good week though. And I would like to point out that my Triumphs are on time this week!

1. The boys are doing well in their swimming lessons! If they keep up the progress they should both move up when this session is over.

2. A lot of the plants that I started from seed have started growing well!

3. Ethan and I are going to see a movie with his class tomorrow! We are going to see Rio!

4. Jared and I got new cell phones! This is going to be great! We got a plan with the coverage that we need and also we are able to add another line when we need to. And we may be needing that sooner rather than later. Also, they are just cool. So if you need the numbers for my cell or Jared's let me know!

Have a wonderful week! This weekend we are going to be cleaning out the garage. FUN, FUN, FUN!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Teche Family! We hope you have safe and wonderful holiday! Eat some good candy and spend some time with your families. We will be having an awesome time!!!


Tiny Triumphs 15!

Okay, a day late again. I can't seem to help myself. I mean to do it but then I get distracted....... Is that a cat? here kitty, kitty, kitty! See what I mean? Well on with the triumphs!

1. I, me, April, actually changed my own tire. It was the first time that I have EVER done that. It took me some time but I did it!!!

2. I finally finished my T-shirt quilt! It only took me two years. But most of the work was done in the last month and a half. It is not perfect by a long shot but it is mine and it is a memory.

3. The boys have been very into Shel Silverstein. Where The Sidewalk Ends was one of my favorites growing up. I am glad that they like it too!

4. I attended a class on Square Foot Gardening. I learned so much and am very excited to try it out. I have a 4x8 community garden plot to use this summer. I was told that my 4x8 garden should have a bigger crop than gardens twice it's size and very little weeding! So I hope the weather gets better so that when my garden is built I can put my started seeds in it!

Have a wonderful week!


Sweet K.C.

My cute kitty K.C. I had to take these because he was not running all over and attacking things. He is still very much a kitten and is into everything. But those are the times that I think about making him an outside cat. Then there are the cute times!Curled up in a blanket that he found
Chasing balloons and trying to kick Lily's butt is tiring.

Are You Sure Summer Is Coming?

This is what we woke up to this morning. White crap all over everything! I did not order this! I could not believe it snowed as much as it did on April 16th.
The van had to be cleaned off in order to do our Saturday morning class
These are my poor tulips. I hope they are still okay



I forgot to post the Watermelon suckers that I tried out today. I only made five and I think that they are pretty cute. I may have to make more of these as Summer gets here!


No, I am not calling you a sucker! I would never do that! Okay, if you get on my bad side I just might. But, you are not on my bad side, right? I was actually talking about the candy suckers. I made some for the boys to take to school to share with their friends.The bowl of Jolly Ranchers that I used to make the suckers. Just line your cookie sheet with foil and preheat your oven to 275 degrees.
Then lay them out on the foil lined cookie sheet. Three in a row with some space in between. I used a huge cookie sheet and could fit nine on it. The smaller ones could only fit six. Put them in the oven and cook for five minutes. After five minutes keep checking on them every thirty seconds as they can spread and burn quickly.
Then I stuck a stick in the bottom and twisted it to coat it in candy then let them cool and harden. Peel them off of the foil and wrap
A cool sucker
What they look like on the cookie sheet as they cool
I wrapped them in waxed paper and then put a Easter sticker on the front! Make sure you store them in the fridge cause if you leave them out they may get sticky.

Spring Has Sprung!

Last night was Ethan's Spring Concert! Instead of doing two separate programs they do one at Christmas with the older grades. Then one in the Spring for the younger kids. I have to say that I love that! I don't have to sit and watch two in one week. Also, during the Holidays time gets tight so only having one then and one now is awesome!Ethan all dressed up. He looks so grown up. When did that happen? And how can I stop it?
Ethan and another child messing around
Doing a dance. Ethan was making funny faces and bobbing his head at me to make me laugh while he was up on stage. I had to hide behind the person in front of me and stop laughing as he was losing his place in the song.

We heard some good songs and had a good time!!!


Tiny Triumphs 14!

On time again! I have to say that I am getting good at this! I probably should not say that and jinx myself. It has been another wild week here! I feel like I have spent the week driving the kids around to one thing or another. So on with the Triumphs so I can go get some sleep!

1. Creative Arts Day was on April 9th. The boys did very well in showing off their creative side. The boys brought many projects to share with everyone. I even got some new ideas for us to use here!

2. Ethan's Spring Concert was tonight. The kids sang some fun songs and did a little dancing. My son found me in the audience and was trying to make me laugh by making faces, bobbing his head, and just being goofy. I had to stop myself from laughing because he was loosing his place in the songs.

3. I have now started the seeds for my garden this summer! There will be Tomatoes, Honey Dew Melons, Peas, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Jalapenos, Green Peppers, Strawberries, and more! I rented a garden space at the Community Garden for the summer. Should be fun to see if I like it or not. I also started some seeds for the side garden too. Black Holly Hocks, Kale and Swiss Chard. Kale and Swiss Chard will look beautiful over there and fill in the spaces so I don't have to weed as often. I HATE weeding. I will take some pictures when everything starts to grow. I also got a Topsy Turvy for the strawberries and I hope that it works. I will also be trying the Topsy Turvy with the Cucumbers. Keep your fingers crossed!

4. We found a Venus Fly Trap!!!!! Ethan and Kellen have been interested in them for weeks now! Ethan can't stop talking about it. I have done lots of research and will most likely be buying a few crickets to feed it soon. I guess ants and other leaf eaters might eat their way out of the trap (kind of rude if you ask me). So flies and crickets are good food. I did find out that I only need to feed it three times a year! Which is good because I can't stand bugs! The things I will do to keep my boys happy! I might even touch a bug (I don't make any promises) (so I guess don't hold your breath).

Have a FANTASTIC week!!!!


Creative Arts Day!

Today was Creative Arts Day for the 4-H clubs in our area. This was our first year doing this and I was very impressed! The kids are all amazing! The things some of them can do just floors me. Kellen and Ethan were in a play and showed some of their crafts. Kellen also played French Horn. I could not be more proud of my boys!Ethan the Flashy Dresser Pig and Grandpa Pig. The name of the play was 12 Angry Pigs.
Kellen the Business Man Pig
More of Kellen
Ethan and Grandpa. The Southern Belle is on the far Right
You have to love the chains on Ethan's neck
The boys by the 4-H sign
Kellen getting ready to play his French Horn.
My baby looks so grown up here playing his horn. The judge said that he was a natural and if he continued to progress we could maybe see some scholarships!
This is Kellen getting an award for his craft projects
Kellen and his friend showing off their prizes!
Ethan and his ribbon! He got that for participating. He is still a Clover Bud (The youngest kids) so he will be able to really compete next year
This is Kellen the 1st place Instrumental winner for grades 3-5! I am so proud of all that he has done in such a short time!
Kellen and his ribbon for his crafts
Kellen and his wind chime
Ethan and the birdhouse that he made. He did all the sawing by hand and did all the work
Kellen and his birdhouse that he did all the work on
Ethan and his wind chime
Kellen made a trivet for my plants out of a hula hoop and some t-shirts! Very cool!
Ethan and his Easter wreath
"Man this leaf is heavy!" Ethan mad a leaf cast!
Kellen and his Spooky Wreath!

It was a long but fun day! The boys are bringing most of their projects to the fair this year. I am so proud of my boys!!!!!


Tiny Triumphs 13!

YAY! I am on the ball this week! Hard to believe, I know! We have been keeping busy here. Sometimes, I wonder why we signed up for all of these things. Then I remember that we have fun and that is all that really matters.

1. The boys are nearly done with their bird houses that they were building with Jared! They used hand saws and did all the work themselves! This is a project for 4-H.

2. I had a fantastic birthday on Monday! Jared came home early and we spent the day together and had lunch! When the boys were home we went out to dinner and went to see the movie Hop. It was a very cute movie! I had a great day! Kate also took me out to breakfast on Tuesday! I have been spoiled!

3. A bunch of spring flowers are surprising me. I did not know there were there. There seems to be a ton of tulips and some other ones too. I love it!

4. Spring cleaning is going well. I hate to clean so this is major. I am slowly working my way through the house. It should all be done by next spring. Just in time to start again!

5. I got the cats a tie out so they can go outside. Lily has been pushing out screens to get out. I hope that letting her out will stop that. I got them new harnesses to wear out. K.C. hates his. He is trying to chew it off. But he can't get it. He will seem to be okay and then he will remember that it is there and freak out. Lily is not too fond of it either but she leaves it alone.

Have a great week!


That Is Just Wreathy!

Get it Wreathy? Peachy? I know I am funny and nothing you say will ever change my mind. At least I make myself laugh!

Creative Arts Day for 4-H is fast approaching. It is this coming weekend. The boys are in a play and are also bringing a few crafts to show off. One of the crafts is a seasonal craft. We decided that we were going to make neat wreaths. Ethan made an Easter one and Kellen made a Halloween one. I think they turned out great!Ethan's Easter wreath. He hot glued small glitter styrofoam eggs all over the wreath form. He also glued some butterflies on too. He was so excited to be able to use the hot glue gun. It turned out very cute.
Here is Kellen's spooky wreath. He used a wreath form and glued bugs, snakes, and other critters to the form. Then he spray painted it all black. There is netting on the back to kind of look like webs. He has made a few adjustments since the picture was taken. He ripped the webs and wrinkled them. It looks so cool!

A close up of the bugs and critters