Final Flower Class Cake

The last flowers class was held last night. And of course we had to do our final cake in order to pass. I have been in a Halloween mood for over a month now. So I had to keep it up.My cake with black roses on it
Vines down the side of the cake. With blood on the thorns of course
Blood dripping off the flowers
The cake

Let The Force Be With You!

Sunday night we decided to carve pumpkins. Now every year we say that when we do we will buy a drop cloth so that it is easier to clean up. And every year we forget the drop cloth and use garbage bags. This year was no exception. No drop cloth just garbage bags were used. But the boys had fun and I did not have to help very much at all!The boys cutting the top off of their pumpkins
Ethan working REALLY hard
Kellen trying to get the top of his pumpkin off
Something ate the top of Kellen's pumpkin while it was outside
Ethan scooping out the guts. This is something that I never thought that I would see. In the past just being in the room where carving is being done makes him gag. And don't even think about getting a seed on his foot, there might have been a lot more than gagging. But check out his face he is none too happy that he had to do it this year.
Kellen scooping
The guts
Check out his face in the above and below picture. He had that face on the whole time he was scooping

More scooping
Ethan getting his pumpkin ready to carve
Kellen getting all the dots so he can carve his pumpkin

Ethan's Pumpkin, it has the Republic Symbol on it
Kellen's Captain Rex
Captain Rex lit up!


Tiny Triumphs 48!

It has been a great week here! But there is one bad thing. My camera is doing some throes of death. Not good. What will I do without it? I am thinking that I will take it in and get it cleaned and looked at. Better than a new camera. I am just hard on cameras I guess. This one is less than two years old. It should be all better soon.

1. Ethan has survived to the ripe old age of 8! Not only that be the other three of us have survived also!

2. Jared and I have been painting upstairs and plan to finish tonight. Then we plan to move things upstairs this weekend. It has taken four and a half months but it is almost done. What was done upstairs was a bathroom was put in where there was a large closet. A large closet was built where there was none. There was a small windowless room put in. And the floor was refinished. Dave (our landlord) is coming to finish the floors tomorrow. Then we will have a WHOLE floor for just Jared and I! We can hardly wait!

3. Cake class is going well!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

I will have some pics of the upstairs once the camera is working again!

Have a good week!


Flowers Class 3!

Tuesday, was the third class of my flowers cake class! We learned Daffodils, Violets, Lilys, and Roses. My icing was having issues so my flowers did not turn out well. But I got the general idea. Also, I have a final cake to do next week so I will be making flowers for that this weekend. I will take some pictures of the flowers that I make (if my camera behaves)A sad looking Lily
A black rose. I think my cake will have a lot of these on it. I am in a Halloween kind of mood. I did not get a picture of the daffodils as the boys ate them as soon as I got home. Also, with the icing not being good I could not take the violets off of the nail.


Cupcakes For Ethan's Class!

On Sunday night I made cupcakes for Ethan's class on Monday. I had to make thirty of them! Yikes my hands are hurting. I made some pom pom flowers and turned them into monsters.I think they turned out cute!

Happy 8th Birthday Ethan!

On Saturday we celebrated Ethan's eighth birthday. We went to a bowling alley in the area. I love going somewhere cause then I don't have to clean my house before or after the party. Ethan had his "girlfriend" come and some of our friends. We all had a good time. I even got a strike (without the bumpers)! Ethan bowling
Becca being cute
Ethan the candy corn vampire
D being goofy
Kellen helped Becca bowl all day. It was so cute to watch
The snake cake that I made Ethan
More of the snake cake
The face while we were singing to Ethan
The cake with the candles lit
Ethan opening presents
Logan and Becca checking out the movie that Ethan got
Lori and Richard gave Ethan a very cute pillow case. Lori made it and I have to say that it is cute!
Ethan on his birthday! He looks 8. We got him a new bike! He was too big for his other one. Kellen and Ethan rode around the neighborhood today.


Flowers Class 2!

In class this week we worked with Royal Icing. I must say that it is a pain to work with. If it even touches something that had grease in it at one time it would melt. So you have to pre-wash everything because if a tip has touched butter cream icing which has grease in it your icing may be ruined. Now, I did like that you can make flowers and keep them until they break. So I can make a ton now and bring them out when I need them. They get really hard and could shatter if I dropped them. I was also amazed at how quickly they start to dry.These are apple blossoms that I made. I made them in purple because I felt like it. That is what I love about making my own flowers is that I don't have to make them the same colors that they are in nature I can make up my own colors!
Rosebuds. These are difficult to make and I have been practicing all week now. I still can't get them to look as good as I could in class.
A close up of the rosebud

The last flower that we made in class was the primrose. I am not sure if I like them or not. They seem a little big for my taste. But hey you never know when you will need to make a primrose and now I know how to do it!!!!

Tiny Triumphs 47! A day late!

So I am a day late, but all I can say is that I have been busy and forgot. So only a day late is pretty good in my book. Today, I am busy making Ethan's birthday cake that he asked me to make. He is having a small party on Saturday even though his actual birthday is on Sunday.

1. Kellen learned a few notes on the French Horn! This is big because now he sounds like he is trying to make music rather than just loud noise.

2. Ethan loves playing the new tether ball at the school. He is also having a great time at school! He even has a girlfriend (don't tell him that I told you)

3. Jared and I went to a class last Saturday. It was Home Brewing 101. We had a great time! It is the only class that I have ever been to that you were encouraged to drink alcohol during class! We loved it so much that we brewed our first batch on Sunday. If you want to see pictures of our brewing you may check out our brewing blog HERE! We will see in three or four weeks if we lucked out and our first brew is drinkable.

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week!


Tiny Triumphs 46!

This week has been a crazy week again! But we are having fun so that is all that matters.

1. Kellen started French Horn!

2. My new cake decorating class started up! I learned button flowers and pansies!

3. We got a new to us Mini Van! (I am just thinking of all that I may haul)

4. The litter is still being scooped!

I also finished up my leaf casting class. If I give you a gift at Christmas disregard this part. I never took a leaf casting class and I never will. LOL

Have a good week!

Parlez-vous fran├žais?

What you don't speak French? Well.....neither do I so we should get along fine! Sorry about that! I just got a bit crazy. Kellen started band today. He is playing the French Horn (hence the french). I know I crack me up too!I will be accepting donations of any and all pain relievers. My head will thank all of you! Just til he gets a bit better. He is just blowing in it right now.


Flowers Class 1!

Tuesday night was the first Flower class. I had such a good time in the first that I decided to take the second. In class we worked on button flowers and pansies. I need a lot more practice and some different colors to work with. I worked with just the red, blue, yellow, and green. I wished for the pansies that I had purple.Button flower
Button flower
The pansy. Just pretend that the red is purple


What We Woke Up To!

On Saturday morning we woke up and saw the whole neighborhood had been toilet papered. Darn teenagers! But the boys thought that it looked cool! I just had to laugh. What else could you do?