Happy New Year!

The Teche Family wishes you a wonderful 2011! Be safe and have fun!


Tiny Triumphs 57!

Well, tomorrow is the last day in 2010. We will be down in Fort Atkinson celebrating with the Weiler Family. We really miss them so this will be awesome! We are also hoping to see Kim Loker (Kellen's 2nd and 3rd grade teacher) while we are there. Should be a great time! I am sure there will be lots of pictures on the blog in the near future. We have had a fantastic week without school. There have been some fights as the boys have been home all week. But over all it has been a wonderful week!

1. The boys have taken four swimming lessons this week. They start their next set of lessons next week. Ethan will be a Bluegill and Kellen will be a Guppy.

2. We have played lots of games this week. Lego Minotaurus, Uno, Lego Creationary, and so many more! I love the time we are spending with the boys while they are young but they will remember.

3. Ethan and I built a Snowman Robber today. It is a snowman but with a ski mask on. So he is a robber. Ethan says that it is a good thing we have him up so we know where we live. We also started building a castle. Jared said he would help us next week if the snow is good.

4. The litter is still being taken care of!

Have a great week!


Playing With Christmas Toys!

For the last few days we have been playing with all the new stuff that the boys got for Christmas. We have been very busy! We are having a really good time. I am loving spending time with the boys! The boys received Lego Creationary! Like Pictionary but instead of drawing you build with Legos. This is Kellen building a dog house!
Ethan working on a cannon. We all thought that it was a duck. But we were wrong.
Kellen go the Lego Minotaurus Game. Above is the game board with the guys moving on it. I like how you can build it different every time you play it!
Ethan the winner with the Minotaur
Ethan got Creepy Crawlers. Here they are baking
Kellen playing his new DS game!
The boys got a Cotton Candy Maker. So of course we made cotton candy!
Ethan spinning his cone to get the candy out. For Ethan's we used Smartees Candy Canes. He really loved it!
Ethan and the finished product. We had some trouble getting it to stick to the cone. So they both made more than you see. They ate it all!
Kellen spinning. Kellen used lemon drops for his. The candy came out so lemony! I loved it!
Ethan's cotton candy beard
The boys making Creepy Crawlers
Ethan working on the Creepy Crawlers
The bugs that were made
Kellen working on one of the many Lego kits that he got!
Both boys got Eco Racers! They are water powered cars. I thought that there would be a HUGE mess. Water all over the place. But they were very clean. The water charges the cars. The water does not go into the car at all. So I was happy. Above is Kellen pouring water into the charger.
Ethan working on his Legos
The boys got some growing crystals. So we had to grow them!
The purple ones ready to grow
The Eco Racer car
The charger working
Charging the car
More charging the car.

The boys have had a blast using all that they got. We still have a lot to do and we will get to it. They love everything that they got! I will post more when they do some new things.


Christmas 2010!

Christmas was of course Fantastic! It is always fun to see the family, hang out, play games, and eat good food. My little family had a blast! The boys are looking forward to playing with all the new stuff! It is such a hard job to tell them that they can't play with it all in a single day. I have to be the mean one. But then I get to play with them! These are some brownie cupcakes that I made. I even made the candy toppers and they were easy. If you want to know how just e-mail me.
Kellen checking out his stocking from Grandma and Bumpa
Ethan and his stocking
Ethan being goofy
Bella and Lulu
Kellen rolling for doubles during the game
The beautiful Trevor
Ethan opening his watch from Grandma and Bumpa

We spent Christmas morning at Grandma Schumacher's house. Santa came and visited the boys there.
Ethan and his "sock" reindeer
Kellen showing off something he got in his stocking
Checking out his stocking stuffers
Look I got coin candy
Opening up the BEST thing that they ever got! That Santa is a crazy guy! He brought both of the boys BB Guns. Yes, they are Red Rider BB Guns! And there will be no shooting any eyes out.
More present opening
The boys and the Red Riders
Playing with the Zibits that Santa brought
Playing "What's In Ned's Head?" A very cute game, but more for smaller kids
Kellen coloring his color blanks
Kellen holding Marcus!
More Ned's Head
Kellen target shooting
Ethan practicing

Jared had to get in on the fun too!

Kellen's target
Ethan's target. By the time Jared and the boys came in Ethan had gotten quite good at hitting the target. I even tried but I never actually hit the target.