Tiny Triumphs 12!

I am back to blogging! I have been very busy and not online as much. We are all trying to limit our time on the computer and in front of screens. So I hope to do this every week but it may be hit or miss til I figure out how to incorporate this into my new schedule!

1. I am no longer on crutches!!!! I hate them! My knee is slowly getting better but is still not 100%. My Physical Therapist is amazed at how fast I am healing! I do all the things that he tells me to and I wear the new brace all day. I am trying to avoid surgery and the therapist says that if I keep healing the way I am that I should not need it.

2. The boys have been working on their crafts for Creative Arts Day! It is April 9th!

3. The boys have been practicing their lines for the play for Creative Arts Day!

4. The boys seem to really enjoy their Yoga class! They are thinking about doing it again next session.

Have a Great week!


Tiny Triumphs 11!

Okay, I am late again. I have several excuses and some of them are even good. So since I am already late I am going to do this a little differently. I am going to tell you what has been going on this week.

This week has been kind of a bummer. Monday, while doing Yoga, I heard a pop from my knee. Then the pain started. By the end of the day I could not bend it and it was swollen. Kellen also came home sick from school on Monday. Jared stayed home with him so I could go to sewing. A friend of mine brought me to a sewing group. It is in a church and is amazing! The ladies were very welcoming! I have never seen anything like 20 or more sewing machines set up in one place. By the time sewing ended I had an awesome start on my t-shirt quilt! It should be done soon! It only took me 2 years!

Tuesday brought a trip to the doctor for me. My knee was worse and I could not stand it. What I had done was tear the tendon away from the knee cap. So my knee cap was no longer being held in. Not fun! I had x-rays and was fitted for a brace. Now Jared won't let me up to do anything and I was getting frustrated already. Tuesday night was also the boys Yoga class.

Wednesday, my knee was still hurting. Wednesday also brought another trip to the doctor. This time for Kellen. He had a bump on his eye lid. I assumed that it was a sty and was wrong. He has a blocked tear duct. So a prescription was given.

Thursday, I was at the doctor again. This time to sign up for some physical therapy for me knee and to get some crutches. I figured that now that I had crutches that Jared would let me out of the house more. He will but crutches are no fun! I always thought that they were cool. They are right up there with braces and glasses. The things that when you get them you realize that they hurt or are just not as neat as you thought. I am almost 34 years old and still thought that crutches would be fun. Well let me tell you they are NOT!!

So that brings us to today. So far today I have laid low and relaxed. I am saving my strength for the weekend!

Thanks for reading my rant. I hope I don't do that ever again. Have a good week!


Let The Wind Blow!

The boys are entering some art and craft projects in the 4-H creative arts day! They are working hard on some really cool things! Each of the boys has made a wind chime out of old metal kitchen utensils.This is Kellen's! All the stuff is hung from a vegetable steamer. There is a whisk, a grater, a lobster claw cracker, a small ladle, a slotted spoon, a can opener, and so much more!
Another of Kellen's
Ethan's is hung from a mesh cooking basket. He has other stuff on his. Like a cake cutter/ server, and a garlic press. I can't wait to hang them outside this summer!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

We have been into getting some exercise lately. We want to get healthy and stay that way! Last weekend we started our Sunday walks. We went and walked around the Zoo here in town. It is a 2.5 mile walk. We will keep doing the route as it is the longest trail in the area open right now. We will switch it up as the weather gets better.Ethan at the bottom of the hill. The Elk in the background were watching him. They followed him. It was cute
Kellen doing a penguin down the hill
During our walk the zookeeper came and fed the Bison. It was cool to watch them walk up as he parked his truck. They knew food was coming!


The library put on a program about prospecting. The boys and I went to it and learned some new things! The boys got to try their hand at panning for some fake gold. The boys thought that it might be real but they were told that real gold goes for $1483 an ounce. So fake gold was obviously used.The boys and one of the prospectors learning how to pan for gold
More panning
Look what happens when you pan. All the rock and sand is lighter than the gold. So the gold stays in the pan. Kind of cool!
Kellen panning
The "gold" that Kellen found
The "gold" that Ethan found

Big Paper!

When I was little I remember going to Grandma Jean's and Grandpa Kenny's house. I also remember how much fun I had coloring on the large rolls of paper on the kitchen floor. She used to buy the ends of the newspaper rolls. I remember it so well! I remembered it the other day at Menard's when I saw the HUGE rolls of Red Paper for protecting the floor while you paint. So I bought it and Ethan and I put some of it to good use today!!!!

This is a Long Necked Jaguar Dinosaur
Ethan drew a scribble and this is what I turned it into
K.C. paw print that Ethan drew
Ethan made a T-Rex out of a scribble. Yes, that dino is pooping. I know, gross! But Ethan is a boy and that is what he does.
For Dad and Ann! And, this Mickey says "Oh, Noooooooooooo!"

That Was Interesting!

We went Roller Skating this week. I have to say that I have not put on a pair of roller skates in twenty years. I have been roller blading but for some reason it seems harder on the regular skates. All four of us skated and some of us fell. Kellen, Ethan and I wiped out. By the end of the evening Jared and I were less shaky on our legs. I only got a few pictures, because cameras conspire against me. The batteries went dead. RUDE!Ethan putting on his skates. He did well. He was very careful as he did not want to fall and get hurt. When he did fall he did it well. He went down HARD.
Jared in his skates. He is the only one of us that did not fall. He did not seem worried about falling. I sure was! I figured it would be different peeling my almost 34 year old butt off the floor than it was to get up at 13. Boy was I right!Kellen was a loon on the rink. He did not care if he fell. He would go as fast as he could and then plow into the wall or fall to stop. He was fearless! He said that he was a bit sore the next day.

We are planning on going again soon so that we can all get some more exercise! I can't wait! It was still fun after all these years!


Tiny Triumphs 10!

The boys have been on Spring Break this week! And what a week it has been. It snowed yesterday and we got 5ish inches! Spring, my foot. We have been keeping busy.

1. Monday, the boys and I went bowling. The boys did well. It was the first time that Ethan bowled with out the bumpers. Kellen is a sight to behold.

2. We have been working on learning lines for the 4-H play.

3. The whole family went Roller Skating tonight. I have to say Kellen did really well. He just flew all over not caring if he fell or not. Ethan was slow but by the end of the night he was doing really well. Jared and I were doing well after we found our skating legs.

4. We have been working on arts and crafts for 4-H Creative Arts Day in April. I am going to take some pictures of what they have been working on.

Have a great week! We are planning on painting ceramics tomorrow and taking in Gnomeo and Juliet this weekend to round out the week!


Tiny Triumphs 9!

As I sit here looking back over the past week I am amazed at all that was accomplished! And we spent some good time together!

1. All City Band started again for Kellen. He goes once a week on Mondays. They are getting ready for a Spring concert. He is also practicing for Creative Arts Day for 4-H. He will be playing his French Horn for that as well.

2. Both boys moved up in their swimming classes! They seem to be doing really well! I mean just three months ago Ethan could not swim at all and was very uncomfortable in the water. But yesterday I watched him swim the length of the pool by himself with no floats! Kellen is really learning some new strokes and is really doing some cool stuff!

3. I have been at the gym almost every day in the last week. With the boys taking yoga, swimming lessons on different nights, and a Saturday morning class I am at the Y quite a bit! And let us not forget my yoga that I love to do!

4. The boys are getting ready for a play that 4-H is putting on! They are really learning their lines well! They are also learning how to project their voices and to add some emotions into what they are saying!

Have a great week! I know we will as we are on Spring Break next week!