Farm Fun!

This weekend we went up north for the family reunion. We got to spend some time on the farm while we were there. The boys love it up there. There is so much room for them to run. Kellen practicing his golf swing
Ethan setting up his ball
It was 80 degrees when we got up there Saturday! The reason that the weather was so gorgeous all weekend was because we were not camping this year
Ethan taking a swing
We went for a walk to look for new baby cows. We did not find any new new ones but we saw a lot of older ones. This is Cookie and her baby. The boys and I named him Crumb. Get it? Cookie's Crumb??? I know, I am hilarious!


Cygnus Art Show!

Ethan's art was chosen to be in the Cygnus/ Ernie Pope Art show. Only twenty kids from each school were chosen. We are very proud of him! He did not win a prize tonight but he will be recognised at the end of the year awards at his school! Ethan with his work of art. He had some orange juice and popcorn. That is why his face is such a mess
A close up of his work of art!

Kids and Cool Cars!

Last night we went to the first Cruise In of the year! We always have a good time looking at the cars and dreaming. What could be better? Music, friends, ice cream, food, and cars! They have them all there! Kellen and Ethan eating their Big Bars!
All the kids and their Big Bars
My Big Bar! It needed it's picture taken
Look what it did to my tongue

The Amphicar. It is a good thing that it did not flood as much this year, or we would all need one of these
The propellers of the Ampicar
The car Jared wants
The car I NEED
A cute little blue car. Jared's mom had on like this when he was growing up

World of Wheels!

On Saturday Jared took the boys to World of Wheels! It was held at a local park. The boys got to sit in the BIG Rigs, Ambulance, and many more. I had to work but the boys told me all about it. They all seemed to have a GREAT time! The boys in an ambulance. As a parent, this is the only way that I want to see them in one
The parking lot with all the vehicles
Ethan in the Big Rig. He got to honk the horn! They both got to see where truckers sleep when they are on the road
Kellen in a Fire hat
Ethan in a fire hat
Ethan driving a fire truck
Kellen driving the fire truck
The boys on the fire truck


Riding Bikes!

Today we took the boys to a parking lot to work on riding their bikes. Kellen fell off once when he was four and has since refused to get back on. We took the training wheels off and gave it a shot. They both did GREAT! Kellen can now ride without training wheels. Ethan is still getting the hang of it. Jared and I are so proud of the boys! Walking back to the car after an hour of riding

The video below is of Kellen riding

Ethan Is In Soccer

Ethan, has soccer on Saturdays! Kellen did not want to do it when I asked him. Ethan loves it! He scored a goal for his team! He was so excited when he told me about it! I was not able to go this week because I had to work. Kellen watching the game
Ethan trying to get the ball

Ethan all ready to play
Dribbling the ball

Kicking the ball