Roman Colosseum

Kellen has finished his Roman Colosseum project for the GATE program at school. He worked hard on the project for over a month. Parents were not allowed to do anything. We were just there to kind of point the kids in the right direction. I think that Kellen did a really good job. Kellen by his project
An up close of the Colosseum that Kellen made of clay
Kellen telling Grandma Sandy, Bumpa, and Ethan about the Colosseum
Checking out Kellen's project

Ethan was being goofy and trying to tell people about Kellen's project when Kellen had his time to walk around.

I was amazed at what some of the kids came up with. Some were kind of not as good.


Tiny Triumphs 27

Week two is almost done and Jared is going to be home soon! That means that we only have two weeks left here in Fort. I am excited but I am also scared and sad. We have made some good friends in the area that we will all miss. I have also been in the school helping out for a few years now and I will miss the kids and the friends that I have made there. We will also be moving further away from family. I know that we will be back to visit but it does not seem like enough. I also want to tell all my friends and family that we always have room for you to come and stay with us. Marshfield is not that far away either. I guess as the time comes closer I am remembering more good times and getting kind of sad.

1. More boxes have been packed!

2. Kellen has finished his Roman Colosseum project! Pictures to come tomorrow

3. The count down has begun to the end of the school year!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a good week! I know that we will!

Track and Field Day

Today was the 4th and 5th grade District wide Track Meet! I went and filled out ribbons and got to see all the kids compete that I have known since Kindergarten. They are all growing so fast. I was cheering for all the Luther kids! I think that they all did well! It was a great day! It was hot and humid and I thought that I would melt but the kids had fun.

Kellen picked the events that he competed in. He picked the discus, hurdles, 50 meter run, and the tug-o-war. The running makes him not my son. The hurdles makes him not mine either. When we did the track day at our school I would only do the events that I did not have to run in.This is the only good picture that I got of Kellen that he knew I was taking. He hates to have his picture taken and has to hide behind his hands or anything that is handy.
Case in point, hiding behind a banana
Kellen running the 50 meter
Kellen throwing the discus. He placed third in this event
Kellen is in the red shorts doing a hurdle. He did not even knock one over. I was amazed!


Tiny Triumphs 26

We have had such a busy week this week that I forgot that yesterday was Thursday. Things have been getting done at a fast pace. Which is good since we are moving in three weeks! Even though it was a busy week it has also been a wonderful one! I love not working! I can get so much done while the kids are in school and having time to myself!

1. MANY boxes have been packed this week!

2. Jared started and loves his new job. We miss him but it is only for awhile.

3. I hired a cleaning lady to clean the house when we are all out. That is just one less thing that I have to worry about. I am so excited! I did a little dance when I got her yesterday!

4. Mom and I took two HUGE loads of stuff over to Goodwill!

5. The litter is still being scooped!

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Wear Your Suspenders Proudly!

Ethan and I found some suspenders while we were packing. If you think this is strange just know we have them for Geek day at school. Anyways, Ethan had to put them on immediately. He still has them on an hour later. Oh, and I think he might be on to something. Shorts and suspenders. What do you think?


Ethan's Class At The Zoo!

On Friday I went with Ethan's class to the Madison Zoo! I got to ride the bus with the kids. I do have to tell you that riding the bus as an adult is not as much fun as it is for kids. When we got to the zoo I was in charge of three kids, Ethan and two friends. I also want to say that it was my child that caused me the most problems. Why is that?Ethan reading a book on the bus
Ethan showing me the skeleton in the book
Seeing how long his arms are.
My three monkeys
I did not know that giraffes could lay down
The kids pretending to pet the tiger as it walked past the window
Ethan and the other two under a tree
A pretty flowering tree
Ethan spreading his wings

We all had a fun day. I just have to say that next time I think I will insist on driving myself. I can't handle the bus very well anymore. The kids were all tired out by the end of the day. Some even slept on the way home.

Lily and Sebastion!

A few weeks ago Nana came to visit and brought Sebastion with her. Sebastion got to know Lily and they seemed to kind of get along.This is Lily blocking Seb's way to his toy. If I threw Seb's toy Lily would run to get it. Sebastian was not sure what to make of her. He would try to sneak around her to get his toy.
Seb and Lily
Lily watching to make sure that he stays away from her food
Blocking his way to her food and his water. She wanted it all!


Tiny Triumphs 25

What a week it has been! Busy packing and getting ready for the move. Also, it seems that the kids have more and more things to do as the year is coming to a close.

1. Today is my last day at work. I will miss it but I have lots of things to do to keep me busy.

2. Jared's last day of work is Friday! He then starts his new job on Monday. Send good vibes to him on Monday!

3. Ethan and I are going to the zoo with his class on Friday. Ethan is excited that I get to ride the bus with him. I am not so sure that riding the bus with two classes of first graders. Should be a good time.

4. Kellen is still working on the Coliseum for his project.

5. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a good week!


Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Have a nice relaxing day. Let your kids spoil you!

Tiny Triumphs 24

Wow things are going pretty smoothly for us here in Fort. There seems to be so much to do here. I just have to believe that we will get it all done.

1. Kellen is still working on his Roman Coliseum project and it is coming along nicely.

2. Jared and I are both finishing up our notices at our jobs! A week from tomorrow is our last day!

3. Things have been finding their way into boxes! We figured if we do a little each day it will get done! It just is not as fast as I would like it to go. I will have a lot more time to do it when I am done working.

4. We have two movers coming to load up our truck! So NO heavy lifting for me. We also have a few guys to do the lifting for us once we are up in Marshfield!

5. We have a place to live! See the below post!

6. And of course the litter is still being scooped!

Have a good week!


New Place!

On Saturday we went up to Marshfield and checked out a few places to live. We saw quite a few newer places and one older house. A few of places has a shared wall and we were not sure if we liked that. The one we decided on is a single family home. It has three bedrooms, a bathroom (the landlord is adding another before we move in), a fenced in yard, central air, newer furnace, insulation, and so much more. Plus, I am allowed to paint and plant a garden!This is the side of the house.
The front of the house
Another of the front. I did not take any of the inside because there were people living there and it was not really fit to take pictures of. I will get some when it is empty. Also, I forgot to tell you that the landlord said that if when our lease is up in three years we can buy it from him. If we fall in love with it we just might.

Art Night

The boy's school had Art Night. There was a scavenger hunt. The kids had to find things in the pictures that were displayed all over the school. Kellen also had a recorder concert. The boys had a good time and so did Jared and I.Kellen's card that he made.
Ethan's Skate Boarding Monkey.

Below is the video of Kellen playing the recorder.