Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Teche Family wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are spending our day with family! There will be an abundance of food and drink and I for one plan to take advantage of both! Have a safe and happy holiday!

There will be no Tiny Triumphs today as I will be off enjoying time with my family!


Have You Ever Eaten A Turkey Pop?

I made a few practice cake pops this morning. I want to bring them with on Thanksgiving. But, I have learned to do a practice run to see how everything will look when you do the real deal. I have had a few near disasters that have left me frustrated. So now when I practice I don't have to worry that everyone will see what I am working on until it is perfect. I guess the old saying is true "Practice makes perfect."So, I made these cake pops to practice for Thanksgiving. They turned out so good that I will be making more. A whole flock! Now all I have to do is figure out a way to transport them.


Tiny Triumphs 41!

It has been a long week here. I have worked more this week than I have worked in the past two weeks put together. I am so tired!

1. Jared and I just got home from parent teacher conferences. The boys did very well! I am so proud of them!

2. Ethan's spelling grades have gone up!!!!

3. Kellen has been practicing his French Horn so he will be ready for his Holiday concert!

4. Jared registered for his classes and I will be able to register on December 1st. I know what classes I should take. I did test into the College Algebra 101 but decided to take the one below that. I had such a hard time with the placement test that I really need a refresher. Plus, I may even be able to help the boys with their math.


The Things That Kids Say!

The boys have been making me laugh so much lately! There are some things that I hear and I just can't stop laughing.
Case in point, one day last week Ethan was acting kind of crazy. We had asked him to calm down several times. That did not work. He was just going nuts, he could not sit still. Jared then asked him if he had a bug up his butt. Then you hear Kellen pipe up and ask "Was it an ant?" Then Ethan answered "No I think that it is a stink bug." And I am laughing again. They both kill me! That they could come up with that quickly amazes me. There was not a missed beat in there!

I love them!

Tiny Triumphs 40!

This week has been kind of quiet up here. The snow kind of made me realize that winter is here. I don't like the snow so I was hoping it would have held off a little longer. So on with the triumphs!

1. Kellen started all city band this week. He gets to practice for the concert with all the sixth graders from the whole city. He likes to see all the other kids and play with the other French Horn players.

2. The boys got their report cards last night. They both did really well! All As and Bs! They must not be my kids ;)

3. Jared's birthday was yesterday. We went out to dinner and he got some games for his birthday.

4. Work has been going well for me. I am now understanding things a little bit better. They have trained me on order taking and next week they will be training me on something else. I like the job but I am really excited to start school. I get to register next week!


Tiny Triumphs 39!

It has been a wonderful week here! Things have been happening! Now, I will share what has been happening here!

1. I was accepted to UW Wood County/ Marshfield! I start on January 25th! I am going to do just the basic stuff until I decide what I want to be when I grow up. YAY! I got in!!!

2. The boys decided to stay home instead of trick or treating. Ethan sat outside and handed out candy. He made the kids say Trick or Treat and Thank You. It was kind of cute! Kellen spent the night watching movies! He loved it! I love that they choose to stay home because then we do not have candy just laying around. Maybe it was the ten bucks that I bribed them with that made that decision ;)

3. As I posted I have five orange bins full of Halloween stuff! I am so in love with them! It is the little things in life that make me happy!

4. The boys helped us rake the leaves in the back yard. They also helped us bag the leaves. They were such a HUGE help that we got it all done in half the time as we would have if just Jared and I did it! Thanks Guys!


It's The Small Things That Make Me Happy!

It is the small things that I love the most in life. Like, what can be better than all your Halloween decorations in five matching orange bins? Not much that I can think of is better. I love them! They make me smile when I see them!I plan on putting all my holiday decorations in matching bins when the holidays are over. I am thinking red or green for Christmas and purple for Easter.

Have a great day!


Halloween Fun

Halloween is a favorite holiday in the Teche household. We try to go all out for it. The boys really seem to like it. They are not as crazy about it as I am but they are still tiny. I have a lot more room to store the crazy. This year we went to the Rozelleville Rockets 4-H Halloween party! We had a great time! The boys had a blast running around in the dark with flashlights. We carved pumpkins to take to the party with us. Above Jared has a new toy. It attaches to a drill. It cleans out the guts of a pumpkin! It was much easier than doing it with spoons. It did such a good job that you had to be careful that it would go right through the skin of the pumpkin.
Ethan cutting the top of the pumpkin off
Kellen carving
Jared working the pumpkin gutter
Ethan's pumpkin in the light
Ethan's pumpkin in the dark
Kellen's pumpkin in the light
Kellen's in the dark
The family pumpkin in the light. We painted it white and bought green marbles and used a drill to make the holes
The 4-H clover all lit up
The boys in their costumes
Mom and Dad in our costumes. Where is Waldo?
Kellen spent his Halloween watching a movie. He said that it was the best way to spend the evening.
Ethan handed out candy to all the trick or treaters. We did not go trick or treating this year because the boys decided that they would rather stay home and hand out candy!

Dig For Treasure

For his birthday Ethan got a dig for treasure thing. It is a block of plaster that you have to excavate the bones or treasures out of. He really loved doing it! He did have to use the big hammer instead of the teeny tiny one that came with it!This one he is digging for the pieces to a pirate game! Look at his face when he saw the the chest had stuff in it! He loved it!