How Does Your Garden Grow?

Very well, actually! My gardens are doing so well! I hope that we get lots of yummy fruits and vegetables out of them this year! I can hardly wait to see what I get! Now I am going to show you some pictures that show how much things have grown! In just two or so weeks! I am so impressed!Here is the garden that Jared built me in the back yard! This picture was taken the day we planted it!
Here it is two weeks later! I can tell than things have grown!
Here is the community garden after we planted it!
And here we are two and a half weeks later. I have peas coming up that were just seeds in the last picture. I also have melon, and zucchini coming up from seed. The carrots and radishes are doing amazing as well!!!!!
Check out the little red tops on the radishes!!!!! I am so excited by these! I planted them right in the garden and look what they are doing! This weekend we will be trellising the gardens so I will post more pictures soon!

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