Toothless Teche

Ethan has lost his two front teeth! One he pulled out at Red Robbin. He had to make sure that the waitress knew he lost it. She brought him a covered dish to keep it in. Then, she brought him and the other kids at the table balloons and sundaes to celebrate! When she asked Ethan if he wanted her to announce it to the other people there he said YES! She yelled and the whole place clapped for him. I must say that if you have to lose a tooth that is the way to do it! Yesterday he lost the other front tooth. The Tooth Fairy has been busy at our house!

Here is a picture of Toothless Teche!


Art Festival

Last week was the Luther Arts Festival! We went and listened to Kellen's class play their recorders. We also got to look at all the art work and do a scavenger hunt!

This video is of Kellen and his class playing a song. Sorry about the dark but you will get the gist

What Do You Use A Wheelbarrow For?

I don't know about you, but we use it for transportation. We celebrated Easter and the Adults birthdays with April's mom. The boys looked for eggs and baskets and had a blast. Then they got to spend the night with Gamma and Bumpa. Uncle Ben taking Aunt Marie for a ride
Uncle Ben taking Gamma for a ride
Ethan going for his ride
Kellen driving the remote controlled car that he got in his basket
The boys driving their crazy cars

An Afternoon At The Zoo

Last week I took the boys to the Henry Vilas Zoo. We had a nice day and with spring break going on it was the perfect day. I think they went just to eat. The minute we got there they said they were hungry and thirsty. We did get to see all of the animals and even had a snack. There are not many pictures because the batteries died in the camera and I forgot the extras. The boys wanted me to take the picture above for Nana
Ethan on the giant tortoise sculpture
Kellen climbing the sculpture
The King of the beasts basking in the sun
How Kellen's arms compare to a monkey's in length
And how Ethan's compare
I have never seen a giraffe play. I got to see it that day. They were so funny to watch. The baby would haul his head back and head butt the bigger one. Then the one we called the Mom would haul her head back and head butt the baby. This went on for quite awhile. The boys thought it was hilarious.


Run The Candy Off

After all the baskets and most of the eggs were found, Papa and April took the boys to the park to run off some of the sugar high that they got. Ethan working the digger
James working the digger
Ethan sliding down the spiral
Kellen swinging. This was taken before he jumped

Can You Find The Eggs?

If you can find all the eggs the bunny left you are better than us. We are still four eggs short. The bunny left so many eggs that they were all over! The bunny also left each boy a basket! The bunny was VERY generous this year! The adults were too tired to move when the kids got up. They slept in until 7 in the morning.
Papa with the assist! Papa had to get all the high eggs down for the kids
Kellen checking out his basket
James looking for eggs
Kellen counting his eggs to see if he was done or not
Ethan just found two eggs in the bathroom
We all had a great Easter!

Tank Fun

On Saturday we took the kids to see the tank that is in Fort. The boys climbed all over it. They were pretending that the bad guys were coming and shooting the guns. Kellen on top of the tank
Kellen, Ethan, and Papa on top
All the kids and Papa on top of the tank
James said that he could see the gas station across the street from up there. I told him that I could see it too from the ground.
Wishful thinking?
King of the world
More wishful thinking?
The cousins on top of the tank

The plaque on the tank
Kellen in one of the storage compartments
Ethan in the storage compartment
More of the boys on the tank

More on the tank
The cousins by the tank

Coloring Easter Eggs!

On Saturday we colored eggs with Nana, Papa, and James. Kellen and James with the eggs before we colored them
Kellen coloring eggs
Jared got into the fun
Papa also got into the fun

The eggs

Shooting Stick

On Saturday the 4th we went to a surprise party for Patrick. Patrick turned 3o on the 7th. The boys loved playing the video games with all the quarters that we gave them. Jared and I enjoyed sitting at the bar. I really liked drinking free because it was my birthday! Ethan chalking his cue
Ethan shooting stick. Sorry the pictures are blurry he was moving a bit and I was a bit tipsy.
Kellen looking for his shot