How Does You Garden Grow?

With green beans and cabbage and sweet peas all in a row. we have a "garden" on the deck this year. We have Green Beans
Cabbage and Sweet peas that I did not get a picture of. This has worked out so well that I am going to get even more veggies to grow out there.


Happy Birthday Kellen 2009

On July 5th we had Kellen's birthday party! We went mini golfing at Blackhawk Lanes here in Fort Atkinson. It is a very nice course. The kids all had a ball! Yes, the pun was intended.Aiden and Owen golfing
Aiden and Owen again
Uncle Adam helping Aiden
Jacob and Justin
Not sure what Kellen is doing in this picture but it looks funny
Looks like Ethan missed the hole
Courtney and Anna
Kellen and Jacob with Aiden
Kellen and Jake
Courtney showing me her birdie
The kids
Owen climbing
Lucian did not want to be left out so we gave him his own ball
Kellen blowing out the candles
Anna and Courtney driving
Pam and Jon
Aaron wearing ALL his kids hats
Lucian loves birthday cake

Fireworks 2009

On Saturday July 4th Kellen came home for a visit! He was home to celebrate his 10th birthday! I can't believe my baby is 10. It is going so fast! Here is the 10 year old! I think this was the first year that he did not think that the fireworks were just for him. Being born on the 4th of July has it's high points!
Ethan growling at me
Kellen being a vampire without a cape
And below are the pictures of the fireworks

And here is a video!


Funny Glasses

We went to Party City on Wednesday after lunch. While we were there we tried on lots of funny glasses. The ones that I loved the most looked like Watermelon slices with seeds and everything. I tried to take my own picture but it did not turn out. So here are some others. Grandma Sandy in the Bloody Mary shades
Ethan in some that he said looked like Halloween glasses
Are you ready for some football????????????

Cucumber DNA

Ethan and I went out to lunch with Grandma Sandy on Wednesday. Ethan was having a hard time biting his sub because he has some missing teeth and a few more loose ones. I cut his sub up for him. When he was done eating he said "Look, Mom, I made DNA!" I must say it is a very creative use of cucumbers.


Here are some pictures of Ethan blowing bubbles
Here he is chasing some bubbles down. You know you can't let any bubbles stay not popped

Kellen and Ziva

This is Kellen and Ziva up at the farm. Ziva is Grandma Schumacher's Border Collie Puppy. It looks like he is having fun up North