Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium!

 We spent a day at the aquarium at Mall of America.  It really is neat that there is a huge aquarium there.  There is a touch tank and a HUGE shark tank.  We took a behind the scenes tour and it was amazing.  They would not let us take pictures during that part of the tour but let me tell you WOW! 

An Eel, now all we need is Ursula

Fish Face!


He was awesome

Ethan touching an sea urchin

Kellen and Jared in the touch tank

That is a chocolate chip starfish and a horseshoe crab that we got to touch

Little worm things

Pretty Starfish

They have to pose

Jelly fish!  They are my favorite!  Did you know that an adult jellyfish is called a Medusa?

More Jellies

Even more jellies

I also fell in love with the seahorses

These little guys were so cute!  That is my hand so you can tell how tiny they are

A sea urchin.  He looked like he had needles coming out of him.  I would not want to find him with my foot in the ocean


Every picture at the aquarium has to have fish face

A Saw Shark I think.  His nose was like a saw


More fish

 The aquarium had a beautiful walk through tunnels so that you could walk right under the sharks and fish.  I could have spent all day there.  We are going to have to go back soon.  I did not get enough of the chocolate chip starfish.  He was very soft and awesome!

Dick's Last Resort

 We went out to dinner at the Mall of America when we were on vacation.  Each of the boys picked out a restaurant to eat at.  Ethan's pick was Dick's Last Resort.  Their claim to fame is service with sarcasm.  When the waitress came to the table and threw our napkins at us.  The boys loved it.  They also made hats for all the diners.  Ethan was in heaven

The waiters put a bib on everyone that came in.  Here is Ethan in his

Making a beard with his bib

The Teen In Training in his bib

Jared in his bib

Where is Ethan?

Jared ordered a beer with a boobsie. 

Front of the boobsie

Jared drinking his beer

Kellen got the first had.  I think that he was embarrassed.  He played along though.

My hat.  It was a little hard to eat in

Ethan in his hat

Jared in his braids

Our waitress picking on Kellen

Poor Kellen

The boys after they ate

 I have to break up the posts as blogger is giving me issues.  Each part is going to have it's own posts.  I am slowly working on it.  We had a wonderful time in the Mall of America and plan to go again.  There was so much to do and see!  I would also like to say I am sorry that I have been slacking on the blog.  I am working on that as well.