Community Garden!

I am using a plot at the community gardens. We are to use square foot gardening. What that means is you divide a space up into one foot squares. Then you plant an exact number of seeds or plants in each square. Like, you can put sixteen carrots or radishes per square but only one cauliflower or tomato per square. In theory you are supposed to get more out of a 4x4 square foot garden than you would out of a 10x10 regular garden. The reason that there are no rows. So there are no walk ways. You also use less seeds. In planting carrots I used 16 carrots. If you use a traditional garden you might use the whole pack of seeds. Then you have to think them, I won't have to do that. We will see how this goes.

I have a 4x8 foot garden plot. So I had thirty two squares to fill. I put some Nasturtiums in a few squares to keep the bunnies away. I plan to take more pictures and see how things go. I am holding my judgement on if this works til the end of the season. I will keep you posted!Here is my plot all planted
More of my plot
Here is the whole site! It now has a fence around it

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