Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Teche Family! I hope you have a fantastic day! Enjoy your family and friends. Be safe!


Man, That Turkey Looks Good!

Today, I made cupcakes for Thanksgiving! I made them to look like Turkeys. I used my cake decorating skills to make them! I think they turned out very well!A close up
From the side
Turkeys in the boxes ready to go tomorrow

Ethan with the one that he decorated! He said it was yummy!


I'm a Little Acorn........

Last night I made some acorn cookies for the boys to take to school before Thanksgiving Break. The boys loved them and so did their classes! They were easy too!First, unwrap the kisses
Next, get the mini nilla wafers ready
"Glue" the kisses to the wafers with a dab of chocolate icing. I used my icing bags and tips to do this. It made it easier on me.
Then you put a tiny dot of icing on top for the stem. Again, I used a small circle icing tip to do this part. And there you have an acorn! I made about 200 of these in about half an hour. It took longer for Ethan and I to unwrap the kisses than it took me to put them together. I also used chocolate butter cream icing. The store bought stuff is a bit too loose to hold these together. You can buy small tubes of it by the cake decorating supplies.

When I used to teach preschool there was a song I used to sing around this time of the year with the kids about acorns.

I'm a little acorn
Small and round
Lying on the cold cold ground
No one wants to pick me up
Cause I'm such a little NUT!

This was always done while curled up in a ball on the floor! Give it a shot! And while you are at it get a picture taken of you doing it and send it to me. That way I can get a laugh in!

Tiny Triumphs 52!

Well, this week has been wonderful! Busy but fun! I am posting this now because Thanksgiving is on Thursday! I plan on being in a food and drink coma for most of the day. I am sure that my Aunt and Uncle will see to that!

1. Kellen is still doing All City Band. He goes for almost an hour every Monday. He is still playing the French Horn every day!

2. Our beer turned out great! We have a Cream Ale and a Pumpkin Ale that are ready for Thanksgiving! We finally got the carbonation right!

3. Ethan is trying to read as much as he can!

4. The litter is still being taken care of!

Have a great week! Also, a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tiny Triumphs 51!

The name of the game this week was STRESS! If I have another week like this one I might be forced to beat my head into the wall. The only thing that has stopped me this week is the thought of the headache that I would get. And that would add another thing to my plate that I don't need. Oops....I did not mean to complain. I am going to try to think of the positives from here on out. So here are some positives.

1. Ethan has moved up to the next group in swimming lessons. I was told that he could do it if he tries. He is excited but worried because in the next group he has to swim the length of the pool.

2. Jared, Kellen, Ethan, and I made Root Beer on Sunday! So far there has been no exploding bottles! We shall see how they turn out! We are going to call our "brew" J.A.K.E.'s Boot Reer!

3. We are going to go to the Marshfield Holiday Parade tonight! Should be fun! We have our canned goods all ready to go to help those less fortunate.

4. Christmas shopping is half way done!

There, I feel better now. I see that there is a lot of good going on in this house! It is not all negative. This is good!

Have a great week!


Jumping In The Fall Leaves

While Jared had Guys Weekend the moms and the kids had some fun. As you may have seen below we went to the Milwaukee Zoo. Well, on Sunday we had a campfire. We cooked hot dogs and s'mores. We then let the kids rake a big pile of leaves in the backyard. Then because the kids are cute we let them jump in the pile.JUMP!
There are three kids in this leaf pile. I can only see one. How about you?
Three kids in the pile. Kellen did not get into playing in the leaves this year because he did not like the feeling of the leaves on him.
Logan and Ethan in the leaves
Kellen leading the snake of Ethan, Logan, and Becca

Marshmallow Knights

Last week we had some fun with Marshmallow Knights. We pretended that the knights had swords made of toothpicks. We then put them on a microwaveable plate and microwaved them. We waited until a sword poked the other knight. Some of them got away from us and no one won. They just burned. Then we also found out that two swords are better than one. And that they work better if you lay the marshmallow down on it's side.The Knights are ready for battle
Battling in the microwave
The boys watching the Knights
And the winner was the Green Knight
Followed by a blow from the Yellow Knight on his way to the ground.

Thanks Kate for the cute idea


Milwaukee Zoo!

Last Saturday Jared and some friends had "Guys Weekend". The guys went over to one guys house and played games and watched movies and had fun all weekend. The girls and the kids all stayed at my house and went out to dinner, watched movies, visited the Milwaukee Zoo, had a campfire, and jumped in the leaves. The jumping pictures soon. They are still on my camera. Kate, the kids, and I all had a lot of fun! We decided that the boys could do it again and we will hang out together. Logan, Ethan, Becca, and Kellen in front of the Zoo sign
A peacock by the garbage can
An ape looking for it's keys in the straw. That is what the kids and I pretended while we were watching him!
The kids checking out the map that shows where all the different kids of primates live
MOON JELLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was my personal favorite! I could have watched them all day. The kids thought they were neat for about two minutes.
Moon Jellies
Bunch of Moon Jellies
Awwwwww.........A baby Moon Jelly
Some kind of crocodile
Becca and the fish! I was trying to capture both the kid and the fish
Piranha 3-D
Kellen checking out the fish
More Becca and the fish
These snakes were rubbing together to keep warm. Logan knew just what they were doing the minute we saw them
I was speaking my first language that day to show off. Parcel Tongue is such a rare and unappreciated form of speaking. This snake knew just what I was saying. By the way I took English as a Second Language class and can now speak both English and Parcel Tongue fluently.
Moving on we have a mommy camel and her baby
A Rhino. The animals were very active the day we were there. Might have been the fall like temperatures
Elephant butt......A good way to end the day.


Tiny Triumphs 50!

WOW! I am at 50 already! I can hardly believe it! This week has been busy but great! Jared and some of his friends had "Guys Weekend" this past weekend. So, Kate and her kids stayed here. We had a blast! We went to the Milwaukee Zoo! We also had some fun. We decided that we could allow the guys to do it again.

1. Kellen started All City Band. This is where all the 5th graders get together and play to get ready for a concert later in the year. All I heard was a ton of noise.

2. We had some pretty good conferences with the boy's teachers this week. There are a few things that need to be worked on but overall the conferences were good. The boys were rewarded with books!

3. Swimming lessons are going great!

4. Our second 4-H meeting was on Monday. It will be fun once we get into the activities. The Teche Family is going to be delivering some bags of food to those less fortunate than we are. We will do this soon.

5. The litter is still being taken care of!


Tiny Triumphs 49! A Day Late

Sorry about not posting last week and for being late this week. We have been so busy that I just plain forgot. Last week, my dad was in town so we spent the few days that they were here with them. This week has been non stop fun. So on with the triumphs!

1. Jared and I bottled our first beer that we made ourselves. We will see in another few weeks if it is any good. We also attended a M.A.S.H. (Marshfield Area Society of Home Brewers) meeting last night. We got to try many beers! By the end of the night they all tasted the same to us. We will be joining this group as it is a fun way to learn a few things.

2. Kellen is still keeping up with the French Horn. He has gotten better so now I don't get quite as many headaches as I used to.

3. Ethan is really doing better with his reading. He was put into a special group to help with his phonics and a few other things. I can see an improvement even after just a few weeks.

4. The litter is still being taken care of! It has been a little over a year since we got Lily and the boys are doing a wonderful job at taking care of Lily and K.C.! I love that they are taking the responsibility!

Have a great week! I will try to do the triumphs on the right day next week.


Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet.............

On Halloween we went Trick Or Treating with the Siebel clan. We had a good time. Kate and I were amazed that Kellen and Becca were the ones to go back. We thought that it would be Becca, Ethan, and Logan. But, Logan and Ethan made it the whole time! Kellen claimed that he had enough candy to last him till Christmas so he was done. The neighborhood was a sad place to Trick Or Treat. Very few lights were on so we had to trek a long way between houses.The gang
Another of the gang. We have a Yellow Lego, a Skeleton Ninja, a purple Dragon, and a Self Carving Pumpkin. We called Kellen a Self Carving Pumpkin because he insisted on carrying a knife with him.
Trick Or Treating
Ethan and his haul
Kellen and his smaller haul

We hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween!