Jurustic Park!

On Monday, I took the boys to Jurustic Park. It is a house where the a man has made the best metal art! The boys thought that it would be boring but they were surprised at how much fun it was. There was so much to see that I know that we did not see it all. And I am sure that he is always making more. It was neat to see and my wish list got longer and longer. We already have plans to go back and hopefully get a guided tour. A dinosaur skeleton in the woods as you get there
The entrance bridge
A skull (Ethan loved this)
A thing climbing a tree
One of the pathways
A bobble headed dog
Kellen by a dragon
Ethan by a turtle. This turtle had a baby in it.
Dragon with a club
The Octanoggin sign
The Octanoggin
A dog chasing a cat up a pole
"When Pigs Fly!" These were Kellen's favorite
The Turtle Shelled Birddog sign
The Turtle Shelled Birddog
Dog riding a turtle. It is also a HUGE bell
Ethan checking out the turtle's teeth
Some Wisconsin Piranhas
The sign
More of the Wisconsin Piranhas
The boys petting a dog
This was the biggest statue! It was a dragon with a rider and a helicopter blade on top
Crabby Pants
Ethan with the crab
A fountain
Rock Fish
Peace man!
Thumbs up!
A big dragon. This is like the one that is outside the boy's school. The one by their school is giving a girl a flower
There is a long neck out there in the woods
Moss Spider

"See No"
"Hear No"
"Speak No"
A vicious snail
A wiener dog
Dog sign
Cute puppy
A toucanary, part toucan and part canary
A bug
A frog
The Wisconsin state bird, the mosquito
Two headed thing

Lizard Frog thing
General Surgery

Flying pig
Owl that reminds me of the Tootsie Pop owl. "How many licks does it take?"
Turtles that are also bells too!

"Feed My Seymore!"

This is part or a HUGE chain that is made from bottle caps
Some things waiting to be made into cool stuff

A small elephant type thing
A school bell turtle

An ant

A fish with CD's all over it
The Dork sing (click on it to make it bigger it is worth the read"
I think that this is the Dork
Turtle bell

Part of a railing!

We had a good time today! We plan on taking Jared there once the weather cools down a bit. We also plan to take any visitors that we can out there. I highly recommend going out there!