Tiny Triumphs 21!

WOW! Whomever said that summer was a time to relax did not have kids. I feel like I have been running for two weeks. But I am loving every minute of it!

1. The boys started swimming lessons yesterday. They are in new levels now! I am so proud of them!

2. The garden is growing well! The one in the backyard is not doing as well as the one in the community garden. I guess it does not get as much sun back there as I thought it did. It seems as if things back there are just growing slower. This year is an experiment so if it does not work no big deal. I have decided to use it for flowers next year if vegetables don't work.

3. The boys started summer school! They are in school all morning. Ethan is taking reading, math, and foreign language. This week he is learning German. Kellen is taking Mindstorm (They are building robots), Art, and Gross science. Kellen is also taking band.

4. We were in a parade on Sunday with 4-H! The boys also did a flag presentation at the VFW with 4-H. I love that the boys are very involved with the club!

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