Knee Update!

I know you all are aware that I hurt my knee in March. I was doing yoga. I was on my hands and knees and heard a loud pop out of my right knee. The girl next to me even heard it. I have done Physical Therapy for four weeks, walked with the use of crutches, and worn several knee braces. None of that has made the pain go away. There are still days that it hurts to move my foot from the gas to the brake while driving. So last week I went to see a surgeon and he said that surgery is the next step. My doctor told me that I have some fluid behind the knee cap and with that there the muscle that holds the knee cap in place can't tighten up.

So on July 22 I will go in and have knee surgery. It will be done with a scope so it will be done outpatient. When I asked him how long I will be down and out for, he told me one day. I will be on pain pills for longer but one day and he wants me up and walking.

So there is the scoop so far. I am going to ask and see if they can scoop some fat out while they are in there. That would be awesome!

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