Coffee Anyone?

The boys made some coffee filter butterflies and flowers. I think that they turned out cute so I had to share!A line of Kellen's butterflies
A close up of Kellen's butterfly
Another of Kellen's butterflies
A vase full of Ethan's flowers
Ethan's flowers are my favorite kind! They don't die and don't require water!
The other side of the vase of Ethan's flowers

Helping Mother Earth

On Sunday we all took a walk. We all decided to take bags with us and pick up trash as we saw it. The boys each filled two plastic grocery bags full. Jared and I didn't do too badly either. Ethan kept telling me that he would be really good at finding Easter eggs since he was really good at finding the trash.

I hope that this will help them understand that when they litter someone has to clean it up!


Check Out Our Freezer!

We recently bought a whole pig from some friends of ours. And about a month ago we bought a 1/4 cow from Jared's mom. I have to say that there is something very satisfying about looking into a FULL freezer!

Build and Grow

Today Jared and I took the boys to Lowe's for a Build and Grow workshop! The boys got to build kaleidoscopes. The boys loved using hammers and doing it all by themselves. They got aprons and a patch when they finished. The boys have decided that they would like to go as much as possible.Kellen getting his stuff ready
Ethan checking out the directions
Ethan starting to build
Kellen starting his project
Kellen working
Ethan working
Kellen working
Jared helping Ethan
Kellen still working
Kellen with his finished product
Ethan with the finished product


Tiny Triumphs 18

WOW! I can't believe that March is almost over! The boys and I are preparing for Spring Break! We will be doing some things to help the earth. We will also be making a few crafts and science projects. And of course we will be having at least one pajama day! Those are my favorite! Watching movies and eating popcorn while wearing pajamas! What could be better? I will share some pictures as I take them!

1. Lily is going in on Saturday to be spayed! I am worried but I am sure that she will be fine!

2. The litter is still being scooped!

3. Jared has a few things going on! I am not going to say what they are until they are set in stone. Check back for more updates!

4. I have been thinking about things that I might do to keep the kids busy. Not only for spring break but on weekends and summer break. If you have any ideas let me know.

Have a good week!


Tiny Triumphs 17

I am getting worse and worse at this. At least this time I am only a few days late not a whole week!

1. The kitty litter is still being scooped everyday!

2. I FINALLY made Lily an appointment to be spayed. She goes in early on Saturday morning.

3. Jared and I have been cooking a lot. We are back on Weight Watchers and are trying hard

4. The boys have put their clothes away quite a few times in the last week


Quote By Ethan

"I would not want to be by a woodpecker while wearing wooden pants." That from Ethan out of the blue today

The Boy With No Chores

Could you have lived without a TV until your teens? My grandfather, Raymond Packard, didn't get his first TV until his teens. He was born in the year 1949. The hospital he was born in was Poynette Hospital in Lodi, WI. His dad sold real-estate, was an auctioneer, and was a state assembly's man. His mom was a secretary for his father, and worked for Cuna (Q-na) after his dad died. His ancestors came from Norway. They settled in New York, then Chicago, and finally Wisconsin. Now my grandpa lives in Middleton, WI.

He lived in Lodi when he was growing up. He had one sister and three brothers. He had no chores. He played softball, wiffle ball, football, and red rover with the neighborhood kids. He went to Lodi Elementary for elementary school. In school he had no computers and had to use the chalk board for teachers to write things. The things he liked were Art, Science, school plays, and curling.

He remembered the Blockade of Cuba and when Kennedy was killed. He thinks that when Kennedy was killed was the most famous.

He didn't have computers, Drive-in Restaurants, or a TV. His life changed by wanting new things and getting new things.

I think that I will remember school, the teachers I had, and game systems. I think that is was harder growing up back then and it's easier at this time. I enjoyed everything that I learned about my grandpa. I'd like to sum up my thoughts by saying, "Listen to your grandparents, they know more than you think they do."

This is what Kellen wrote for school. He interviewed Bumpa and wrote a great essay!



This happened a while ago but I have to share.

Ethan was talking to me about his man boobs and how they were not really boobs. He then told me that he would call them moobs!

He then looked at me and said since you are a woman you have woobs!

He was very proud and I could not stop laughing!

Tiny Triumphs 16

First, I have to say sorry. I missed a week with Tiny Triumphs. All I can say is that real life got in the way.

It is looking pretty dreary outside now but I have to say that it feels more like spring! I drove by the bank today and it said that it was 50 degrees out today! Too bad it had to rain most of the day.

Here we go!

1. We rearranged the boys room and they seem to love it! It makes it feel more grown up in there.
Some of the art work that they had up in there came down. So now they have posters and such up.

2. The boys have been putting away their own clothes. I love this! I must say that it helps Jared and I out a lot!

3. The litter is still being scooped! And the kitty is being fed everyday! For some reason Lily likes to eat on a daily basis. Not sure where she got that idea from? (No we really do feed and water her daily)

Hope you have a great week!


The Zoo

We went to the zoo while we were in St. Louis. This is a MUST when we are there. I love it! The boys get tired out! And it is free! What more could you ask for? The boys learning about different animals
Learning about an armadillo
A lazy bear!
Holding his head up was just too much for this bear
A penguin! This is my favorite part. You can get right up close and see them swimming. Sometimes you even get splashed!
This guy is cooling off by an air conditioning vent
A crazy puffin!
Kellen on the carousel
Ethan being strange on the carousel
James on the carousel. He does not like this so we were all amazed that he wanted to go on with the boys
Ethan being strange, James, and Kellen
Kellen, oops, I mean a monkey
Ethan, whoops, a chimp
The only snow I saw in St. Louis
Snapping turtles
A lizard
It was too hard to hold his head up
Some kind of crocodile thing
A lizard in the water
Another Lizard
If I had this turtle I would have to name it Lumpy
Check out the black giraffe
I think that this is a Horn Bill
Toucan Sam
The boys by the Ape. I think there is a picture of me and Ben by this when we were kids