More Room Was In Order!

When I got the plot at the community garden site, I thought "How will I ever fill up 32 squares?" Well, the answer is easily. I filled the plot very quickly. I did not even have room for everything that I wanted to put in. So I asked if there was another plot open at the site and there was not one available. So Jared built me one in the back yard. So now I have 64 square feet to fill and let me tell you it was easy! I even still have my name if someone does not want their plot, I will take it!Here is Jared building the frame. It is 8x4 so 32 square feet!
We laid down a layer of cardboard to kill the grass and keep the weeds out
Here is the frame near the cardboard
Pile of cow sh*t. We filled the frame with 38 cubic feet of cow crap.
All ready to be filled
Here we go!
I was not kidding about the cow crap. I am not sure why I needed to know that it was dairy cow poop but I did. Also, did you know that steer poop is more expensive than dairy cow poop?
Kellen was a HUGE help that day! He poured the bags of poop into the frame. I was going to say dumped but that seemed gross even for me!
Getting fuller
Kellen measuring the where we need to put the screws in to make the grid
All filled
Jared putting in the screws to make the grid
The grid is finished and now we are putting down the wood chips
Me with the finished planted garden! The boys did most of the planting!
The finished garden. Not bad for a day of work!

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