Tiny Triumphs 15

I can't seem to wait for spring! What I can't seem to understand is that February is the shortest month of the year. But, for some reason the month seems to last forever. I can't wait for the air to warm up and the sun to shine. I guess that I have to wait some more. And, for me waiting is REALLY tough.

Now on with Tiny Triumphs

1. The litter is still being scooped and Lily is being fed, by the boys!

2. Jared is home safe and sound

3. We are getting ready to drive to St. Louis on Friday to see Nana and Papa

4. Kellen seems to be having a good time in school. He is learning about minerals and he seems to love learning about them


Tiny Triumphs 14!

This week has been a busy one! WOW! That is about all I can say about the last week!

Here we go!

1. Jared is in Texas. While we miss him we are also so proud of him! His company is being recognized as one of the top ten dealers in the U.S.!

2. Conferences are done and the boys are doing great! Things are improving for both boys! Ethan is reading and writing a lot better! Kellen is getting less bossy! He is also doing a lot of GATE stuff this year. GATE is the Gifted And Talented Education program in the school. He is really learning a lot from that!

3. The litter is still being scooped and the cat is being fed every single day!

Next week I may post Tiny Triumphs early because I will be busy packing! We are going to spend a long weekend in Saint Louis with Nana and Papa! All of us can't wait!


Ethan Says The Darndest Things

Ethan has been on a roll lately! He has been so funny lately. I just have to share.

Jared and Ethan were joking about something and Jared asked me who was right. Ethan then pipes up and says "Mom is not in this it is you and me."

While watching the opening ceremonies and Ethan heard that it was in Vancouver Canada. He then asked "Don't people in Canada say "EH" when they talk?"

He has been something else lately. Some of the things that he has said recently just make me laugh. When he catches me laughing I have to make something up so he doesn't know that I am laughing AT him.


Singing In The Shower!

Ethan was singing in the shower. It is very cute! I wanted to share the Valentine's Day song that he was singing! I did not think that the Christmas one that he was singing was appropriate at this time of the year.

One Red Valentine

Two Red Valentine

Three Red Valentine

Four Red Valentine

Cut And Cut

And Paste And Paste

Then Make Twenty More


Lily And Her Cube!

Lily has a cube that she loves to play in and on. She can even get herself rolling through the house. There is now a new game to play with it. Someone holds the cube up and Lily jumps up to get in it. It is so funny to watch!Ethan with Lily in the cube
Lily in her cube
Is that a kitty I see?

Here is a video of Lily, Ethan, and the cube

Valentine, You Have A Piece Of My Heart!

I made some cute pins for the kids to give to their teachers for Valentine's Day. I used puzzle pieces and glued them in a heart shape. Then, I painted them with glue and poured glitter all over them. Finally, I attached a pin that I bought at the craft store on the back. I think that they turned out very cute!

The finished pin! The pictures below are of the other pins that I made

This is the back of one of the pins. You can tell that it is a puzzle! I thought that these turned out well! It was a bit hard to get the pieces in the shape of heart. But I think that I got it!

How Do You?

I am going to start a new thing! I want to share with you the things that we do here at home. Most of the things make life a tiny bit easier and I hope that you like the ideas.
First question, how do you tell your kids cups apart? Do you do like I used to do and try to keep track of where they are? That can be a bit much for me to remember as I am doing laundry and such. Also, playing on Facebook that seems to suck more and more of my time each day. I think I have a problem. I will be enrolling in the nearest support group. On with what I do about the cups!
A picture of the problem. The cups that my boys use are the same
I use those plastic bracelets. I had a ton of them in a drawer cause I hate to throw something out that might be cool later. I slip them on the bottom of each cup and each of the kids have a different color. They seem to remember better! So now there are less "Mom, which cup is mine?" Also, they are dishwasher safe. Just put them in the utensil thing in your dishwasher and they are all set to use the next time the same cups come out of the cupboard.
Above is the picture of the color coded cups!

Hope this helps some of you out there! I just thought that it was like wine charms for kids!


Tiny Triumphs 13

Here we go again! The time is escaping me lately. I just can't believe that it is February!

1. The litter is still being scooped!

2. I have actually been cooking lately!

3. The boys seem to be loving school. That is not to say that they are not glad to be home or have a day off. They seem to be doing well! I will see if their teachers agree with me next week at conferences.

4. I have started a Valentine's Day project for the boys to give their teachers! I hope it turns out cute! I have also got the Valentine's cards so now all that is left is for the boys to write on them.

Have a GREAT week!


Mt. Olympus

Jared and I took the boys for a day at Mt Olympus in the Dells on Sunday. They have an indoor water park and an amusement park. There was even a roller coaster! The boys really loved the bumper cars and the go karts!
Ethan on one of the rides
The boys and Jared on the bumper cars
More bumper cars
Even more bumper cars
Kellen getting an airbrush tattoo
Kellen's finished tattoo
Ethan getting his tattoo
Ethan seems to have a spider on his arm! YIKES!
The boys on a ride
The boys on the same ride. It took them up and then dropped them back down. The look on Ethan's face was priceless! He was not sure if he was scared or if he was having a good time!