A Deck Dweller

We have a few new friends that are starting to build their house on our deck post. Yikes! Ethan has had a good time watching the birds to see what progress they are making today. I am not sure what kind of bird they are, but, if you know let me know.
This is the nest as of 3 p.m. today
This is one of the birds in the nest adding some more mud
The little booger on the roof watching for me to stop taking pictures so he can get on with his work.
I am not sure if having the nest on the deck is a good idea or not. Since, I am not going to be a home wrecker, they can stay.

Ethan Can Ride!

Here is the video of Ethan riding with no training wheels!


A few weeks ago Jared and I took the kids to the Drive-In. We saw UP and Night at The Museum 2 Battle of the Smithsonian. We took Anna with us. We had a good time but it was a LATE night! The kids all ready to watch the movies
The playground
Anna being the speaker holder
Ethan busting a move to the music they play before the movies begin
The kids checking out the speakers


And This Little Piggy Went Weeeee Weeeee Weeeee All The Way Home!

Here are some pictures of what Kellen has been up to so far this summer. He seems to be having a good time and only a few short moments of being homesick. This is Ham being a Ham
The piggies all eating
Four little pigs all in a row
Patty and Link
Kellen getting the feed ready. He can do this all by himself
Kellen hosing down the pigs. Doesn't he look grown up?


Ethan can ride!!

Ethan can now ride his bike with no training wheels! Now both boys can ride! YAY! I will post some pictures and videos when I take some. I did not think that Ethan would learn tonight so I left it at home. That is just the way it works.


The boys asked me some questions out of the blue today. I thought that I would share.

"Can you kill a tick by stepping on it?" Kellen wanted to know

"Can grass grow in the sand?" Ethan then wanted to know