Tiny Triumphs 19!

Yes, I know I am late again. I am not sure I would be me if this was not late. With the end of the year things have been nuts around here. Last minute things needed to be done. There were also field trips that I went on. Just this week there were two. It has been a crazy but awesome week!

1. The boys are out of school at 11:30 today! I am excited to have them with me again! I know that by next week I may be singing a different tune. Heck, maybe even by today. I love having them with me but I have to readjust the way that I do things. But I am looking forward to having some time with them. Plus, summer school starts after next week!

2. Ethan's cast comes off next week! He is very happy about that.

3. Kellen is taking summer band! He wants to continue with it and I love that!

4. Dairy Fest starts tonight and we will be kicking off summer right!!!!!

Have a great week!

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