Gone Fishin'!!!

June is dairy month in Wisconsin. Here in Marshfield we celebrate it with Dairy Fest. There is so much to do! Today we went to a parade, saw the UW marching band and went fishing. The boys had never been fishing before. They had a blast! The Lion's club here in Marshfield put on the fishing contest. I can't say enough about the great time we had today and how we will be doing it again next year!

Now, I paid a dollar for each boy to fish. Kellen had to catch five fish and Ethan had to catch three. The point was to catch the bull fish and not the other fish. The bull fish in the pond are over populated. The Lion's Club had fishing poles for my boys to use. When we were done fishing the kids got to pick a colored chip out of a bucket. That told them what kind of prize that they would get! Ethan won a fishing pole! He is so excited about it! I don't think that he has put it down all day. Kellen won a bus trip for two to the Waussau baseball game in July. Kate's son won the same thing and asked me to go with him, so Kellen asked Kate to go with him. Cute!Ethan fishing
Ethan and his first fish!
Kellen and his first fish. It was a Bluegill and had to be thrown back
One of the fish that was caught
Kellen fishing
Ethan chilling
Kellen and another one of his fish. Kellen was loving this so much! He even was taking his own fish off the hooks! Which is a good thing since I would not do it!
Kate helping Ethan with his fish!

*Breaking News* This just in! I even put a worm on a hook today! I even ripped one in half cause it was too big for the hooks. YUCK!

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