Relaxing with Papa

On Sunday I took some pictures of Ethan and Papa relaxing on the couch! They were both being lounge lizards!

The Best Park Ever!

On Sunday before lunch we went and played at a new park! It was the best park I have ever seen! It was made for a handicapped boy who wanted to play with his friends and family. What I loved about it was that there was a path way around the outside of the play structure. So that the handicapped parents and children in wheel chairs can go up into the top with their friends and kids!This is the story behind the park
Kellen on the rope climbing thing
Kellen on the tire swing
Kellen riding the lake monster's head
Ethan climbing the lake monster's middle
Ethan on the head
Ethan going down the rolling pin slide
Kellen going down the rolling pin slide. I don't know how he does it. I went down it and it did not feel good.
Kellen playing the drums
Ethan jamming to the beat of his own drummer
The boys on the rope climbing thing
Kellen swinging on the monkey bars that go around
Ethan tracing a maze with his finger
Ethan checking out the view with the periscope
Ethan from above
Ethan on the rope climbing thing

Gliders and Rockets!

We celebrated the boy's birthdays on Saturday night! The boys got rockets and gliders and a bunch of other things from Nana and Papa!Kellen pumping air into his rocket to get it to fly!
Ethan's ended up on the roof. The next morning it was gone. The raccoons took it to play with. Lucky for us Nana thought ahead and bought a few extras! Way to go Nana!
Kellen and his glider. Ignore where his hand is. His hand is always there
Papa trying out the glider

Grant's Farm

We went to visit Nana and Papa for a short vacation! We had two days to spend with them. some of the time we spent at the pool or watching movies. On Saturday we went to Grant's Farm. It is like a zoo that Anheiser Busch keeps open to the public. It is where the Grant family lived and later where the Busch family summered. It is such a neat place. We always try to go when we go visit. Nana and Kellen on the "train" that takes you through the nature preserve!
Ethan looking at the animals on the "train" He was worried that it would go too fast and he would fall off.
While on the train we got this close to an elk!
Once at the zoo part there are tons of things to do. One of them is to feed the goats baby bottles. Above is a picture of Ethan feeding the goats! They really get pushy when you go in.
See what I mean about pushy. Kellen does not even have a bottle for them and they are climbing him
Ethan feeding the goats
Kellen feeding the goats
Ethan feeding from the safety of the other side of the fence. He did not like feeding them inside
Kellen feeding them from outside

Since I went in with the kids Jared bought me a sweat shirt that says " I survived feeding the goats at Grant's Farm!" I love it and I wear it proudly!
Mike, this picture of the Cappybera is for you!
A parrot that we saw
There was a bridge that had a cooling mist for people to walk under. The boys loved playing in it!
The boys running through the mist
Here they are again! You would not think that a light mist would get them so wet!
Flamingos! I NEED a few dozen of these for my front lawn!
Eagles that we were so close to. They do not leave their open habitat because they were hurt at one time and now they can't fly!