Learning To Sew 101!

A few weeks ago Kate, a friend, taught the boys and I how to sew. Now, I know the very basics but not how to sew a pattern. I learned from my Grandma Mar years ago. I did not pay very close attention back then so I had forgot how to do it. The boys were making some pants for the 4-H clothing review. They each got to decide if they were making shorts or pants and then what kind of fabric to use. Ethan chose shorts made of flannel. Kellen made pants out of fleece. Both boys had a good time learning and love the pants and shorts that they made.Kate and the kids looking at the fabric. The different sides have different names. Don't ask me what they are called. I was too busy taking pictures to pay attention. I am sure my Grandma is laughing that I have not changed in all these years.
Kellen starting cutting
Reading of the pattern to decide what to do next
Ethan and Kate sewing
Checking where he wants to put the waist band
Ethan being goofy in the finished product
Kellen's finished product

The boys and I learned a lot! Thanks Kate! We would have been lost without you!

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