Water Fun!

On Saturday night we stayed in a Hotel with a Water park. The boys had so much fun and so did the adults. Ethan fell through his tube. He was fine in the water as long as he could touch and he did not like the lazy river.
Ethan in a tube in the shallows
Kellen being strange............He does take after his Dad that way
Kellen in a tube with his goggles on. He loved the Lazy River the most. The way he did it there was nothing Lazy about it. He ran around in circles half the night
The water park
This bucket dumped tons of water on anyone in its way once it was filled up
Ethan in the tube again
Kellen being weird
Ethan putting on his goggles
Ethan in the pool
Kellen thought that if he went under water that I could not take a picture of him.
Ethan with his goggles on upside down
Ethan in the tube again. This is where he spent most of his day
Kellen and Ethan in the hot tub
Kellen hot tubing it
Ethan in the hot tub
Getting ready to swim
Kellen popping up out of the water

Museum Of Science And Industry

On Saturday we drove to Chicago to go to the Museum Of Science And Industry. Jared and I have been married for ten years and this is what we wanted to do. We had a fantastic time and I think the boys did too! The museum has changed since Jared and I were there last but for the most part it was pretty cool!
Ethan posing by the Ring Master
Kellen by a clown
This laptop was designed for children in third world countries. It has a crank on it and that is the way that it gets its power.
This is a HUGE pinball machine. It was made in Switzerland to bring in tourists. The ball goes through all the things that they want tourists to be aware is there and visit.
Kellen in the crazy mirror
Ethan in the crazy mirror
Kellen and Ethan act like clowns............Now they look like them too
This is a shadow board and you could move the purple blobs with your shadow
Kellen and Ethan posing by the big cats of the circus
What the Earth would look like from a spaceship
A spaceman getting ready to eat
A space bathroom
Ethan by a Spaceship
This tube was filled with water and plastic bits. The kids pumped it up and then looked through the holes in the bottom and it was a giant kaleidoscope
Kellen plowing his field. He was supposed to stay in the lines but he will get better when Grandma Schumacher gets done with him
Ethan is plowing the field. I think Grandma Schumacher has her work cut out for her
Kellen and Ethan riding a cow
April and the John Deere Kellen and Ethan by the old train
Some of the cool glass. We saw some being made in the Glass Experience
Ethan getting his ball to float in mid air
Kellen and his floating ball
The boys spraying water
April, Kellen, and Ethan in the train
Kellen and Ethan driving the train
Spaceman Kellen
Spaceman Ethan
My boys the coal miners
Kellen and Ethan in front of the Museum
April and the boys in front of the museum
April and the boys in a Trolley
Kellen and Ethan relaxing in the Trolley
Jared and the boys in the train
We had a GREAT day! We also saw a show in the I-Max. It was Dinosaurs Alive!