Tiny Triumphs 45!

It has been a busy week! We got so much done that I am amazed! I also learned a few new skills and am having a blast! So on with the triumphs!

1. I finished my first cake decorating class! We learned roses! They turn out so nice I can't wait to use them on a cake! My final cake was the Black Widow Spider. It turned out well if I do say so myself. The next class starts on Tuesday! Even more flower making is coming my way!

2. I joined Weight Watchers again. I decided that I needed to do it. So Jared and I are working our way back into it. I have already lost 1.2 pounds!

3. Kellen signed up to take band this year! He will be playing the French Horn. He starts next week.

4. I took a leaf casting class and had a few wonderful successes! I will post the pics once they are painted. The boys were asked to come to my next class next week and paint a HUGE leaf that I did. They are very excited to be involved in my class!

5. Jared and I are looking to buy a used mini van! I need one so badly. Just think of all the people and stuff that I can pack into it!

6. Ethan had his first field trip of the year on Tuesday! I was able to tag along with him! We all had a blast!

7. The litter is still being scooped!

And just one more!

8. Kellen and I helped Kate milk cows on Wednesday! Kellen was a big help. He said that he would help again!

WOW! What a week! I know there are a lot of triumphs but we have been busy this week!

Have a wonderful week!


Final Class!

Tonight was my final Beginners Cake Decorating class. I have learned so much! I can't wait to use what I have learned. So there will be a lot of cake in the future! I have signed up for the next class! It starts next week. I love doing this.My best rose
My certificate for finishing the class
My final cake. The black widow spider
The legs on the side of the cake
The web on the side of the cake

I think that it turned out pretty damn good. I can't wait for the next class!

Cakes Made By Me!

I have really loved my cake decorating class! I have learned so much! So here is the cake I made to celebrate Ray, Marie, and Jared's birthdays!

The side view
My pom pom flower cupcake. I made these in class last week and I was not very impressed with them. I am going to play with them and see what I can do to make them better

Mead Wildlife Area!

Today I went with Ethan's class to the Mead Wildlife Area. It was a fantastic field trip! I think the kids really learned a lot! I learned a few things too!This is a wasp nest that was hanging from the ceiling in the classroom
Some pelt in the class room
Tom talking to Ethan
Tom and Mobly. Mobly, is a Great Horned Owl. She was taken from a nest as a baby by a man who thought it would be neat to have a pet owl. She has never been around other owls and does not know how to hunt. She sees herself as a human. When she looks in a mirror and sees herself she gets scared. She does not know that she is an owl. She was a BIG hit with the kids!

We got to go see the wetlands! The kids really loved the hands on part of this. I got to use a net and drag it in the pond. Then we brought it up to a table and got to look and see what we found. I did not think that we got much the first time but I was wrong. We saw Water Boatmen, fly larvae, damselflys, scorpion bugs, tadpoles, and Zooplankton. We saw a whole bunch more that I can't remember. Then kids above are in my group. They are checking out what we have in our bucket.
Damselfly Larvae
The tadpole

We had a fabulous day! It was a great field trip and I had a blast! Ethan and my group loved every minute of it and we were outside all day! I would highly recommend a visit if you are ever near here!


Tiny Triumphs 44!

For me to say it has been a LONG week would be a huge understatement. Jared and I have both been sick this week. That makes it hard to get anything done around the house. But, I think that we are on the mend. A few more nights taking Nyquil and we should be set. The boys have also had the plague that Jared and I had. The boys were miserable for a few days and seem to be doing much better now. But being sick seems to make the time go slowly. Next week will have to be better (it can't be much worse).

1. Class three of my cake decorating class is done! We decorated cupcakes. We also filled them! They did not turn out as nice as I would have liked so I will be making more to practise on. Then I will post a picture of them. I am a bit nervous about my final cake. I am making a Black Widow Spider on it. I hope it turns out! Keep your fingers crossed!

2. Kellen and Ethan did a fun run on Tuesday! They ran with Logan and Becca! It was a mile course and both boys finished it! They received ribbons and an ice pop for participating! And just think of how healthy they all are going to be!

3. We took a short trip down south last weekend. We got to see family and had a good time! It was nice to see everyone again. I promise that we will not take so long to come and visit again.

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Next week should be a busy one! My leaf casting class starts on Monday! I can't wait for this class! Then my final Cake class is Tuesday. Then my next set of Cake Decorating classes start the next Tuesday. We are planning a trip to the Apple Orchard (if it stops raining).

Have a good week!


Tiny Triumphs 43!

Wow! Another busy week has now gone by. If it is not one thing that happens it is 100. It seems that I keep getting busier but I like it. I am making two birthday cakes this week. That is good because I need to practise my new skill. I am also baking Ray's birthday present. But I am having fun! The boys are liking school and that is good. I was hoping that when school started things would slow down a bit....that has not happened yet.

1. Kellen's teacher called and told me how wonderful Kellen is! He said that he was doing a great job at turning in his homework everyday! That is a load off my chest because I have stopped checking to see if his homework is in his backpack. He forgot once but he now checks it every morning. His teacher also told me that he is a very interesting boy. It was a load off of my mind that Kellen is doing well!

2. Week two of my cake decorating class is done. Only two more to go. Then I have to decide if I want to keep going or just do what I have learned. I am leaning towards keeping going. I have so much fun!

3. The boys pictures came in! This is a great time since we will be heading down south this weekend. That way I can give everybody their copy. Which is one less thing that I have to worry about.

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week! I will post pictures of my cakes when I finish them.


School Pictures

The boys pictures came today! I have to say that I have very handsome boys! I loved the way that they turned out! I bought a disc so I could print my own and put them online. I will have them mailed out soon.

The picture of Ethan that we bought
The one of Kellen that we bought


Cake Decoraing Week 2

Week two of Cake Decorating class is over and I learned some new things. I torted the cake. That just means that I put a filling in it. I used almond pastry filling. And it was YUMMY! We learned how to do dots and move the dots to make long lines. I really need practice but it was fun!My fish cake from the top
From the side. I used a color mist for the red. It is like spray paint for cakes. It works really well!
More fish
A close up of the fish!

I think it turned out good and I am my worst critic. What do you think?


Tiny Triumphs 42!

Well, it has been a good week here in Marshfield! There has been a lot to do and lots of fun was had!

1. Jared and I joined the local YMCA! We have been working out almost everyday! The Y has an area for the boys to go while we are working out. It has the Wii, bikes that they can race each other, ping pong, and kid sized equipment! The boys love it! Because Jared works for Ministry the boys get free swimming lessons every session. Their session starts on Saturday!

2. I have started taking a cake decorating class. So far I have only learned to make stars and to frost a cake. I still have a lot of work to do on the frosting part.

3. The boys are enjoying school.

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week!


Cake Stars

On Tuesdays in September I take a cake decorating class. It is being held at a local hardware store. It runs for four Tuesdays. I take it with my friend Kate! We both had a blast last night! We learned to make stars last night. We had to bring cookies to practise on. I also have homework to do. I have to practise the stars. Also, next week we are decorating on a cake. We will also be filling the cake with some good stuff. So far I love it!Kellen's cookie that I made him
Ethan's cookie
I do LOVE cookies!
T is for Teche!

The Fair 2010!

On Labor Day we took the boys to the Central Wisconsin State Fair. We were there for a long time but we had a great time! Plus, we even got a Christmas present there! We looked at what all the 4-H kids did. The boys got a good idea as to what they can do in 4-H. They are going to be joining later this month. A cute idea! Don't look Ben and Marie.
The boys and a nut cracker
We saw a show and the boys got to feed a lamb. Up above is Kellen feeding the lamb
Here is Ethan feeding the lamb
The boys helped carry the lamb back to where it's pen. Up above is Ethan carrying the lamb
Kellen carrying the lamb
April and the boys waiting in line for the Ferris wheel
This was taken right after everyone under 20 was crying. Also, this was before Kellen started feeling sick. It was not a good ride all in all.
Ethan riding the dragon
Ethan looking bored on the slide
That is what his face looked like all the way down
Ethan in the bouncy tiger
Bouncing out of the tiger
Ethan on the carousel

We saw all the animals and even saw a few cows being milked. Which Kellen has not seen. The boys had some good times and so did the adults!


Tiny Triumphs 41!

What a crazy week it has been! Getting back into the school thing is kind of hard. Especially because we start fifteen minutes earlier than we did at the old school. But the up side of that is we get out earlier!

1. The first day of school went well for the boys! They said that they met some kids! I was a wreck for them. They held it together better than I ever remember doing when we moved.

2. Jared bought us a composter. It is HUGE and shaped like the Death Star or so I am told. Chick HERE it see it.

3. More canning, freezing, and drying has been done!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week! We will be heading to the Central Wisconsin Fair this weekend! I think I will sit outside tonight and see if I can hear the Beach Boys.

Back To School 2010-11

We started back to school yesterday. I have to say things went better than I had hoped for. Yes, the kids were nervous, it being the first day at a new school and all. But before I even left Kellen had a few kids around him and he was talking to them! Ethan, got home and told me that he has a new best friend! He could not remember his name but they are best friends! They did miss Luther (our old school) at lunch. They said that Luther lunch was better. You know how important lunch is right?Here are the boys ready to go to school!

Ethan's new backpack
And his new shoes!
Kellen's new backpack
And his new shoes!
Don't other people usually give the bunny ears? Ethan gives them to himself!