Tiny Triumphs 34!

Well it has been a very interesting week here. Jared has been out of town a lot of the week. He is in training and says that the new things that he is learning is started coming together. I just can't wait til tomorrow when we can all relax!

1. Jared is doing very well in school! He is getting an A in the class he is in! His test and discussion summary from this week were used as examples to show the rest of the class the best ones! I am so proud of him!

2. I started my new job on Monday. Training was very confusing but things are starting to come together. I hope that when I go live next week I will do okay.

3. The boys are getting excited about Halloween! They are my kids! Ethan is also planning his costume birthday party!

4. Ethan has improved his reading so much in just one year! He no longer has to be in the special reading class! He loves that he does not have to miss things and have more homework.

Have a WONDERFUL week!


Look How Handsome!

School pictures are back and I am so happy with them! My boys are growing up! Kellen age 12, 2011-2012 school year
Ethan age 8 1/2 , 2011-2012 school year

Tiny Triumphs 33!

This has been a great week! The weekend should be nice as well. We are going to brew some beer, and drink some too! We have not brewed in a few months so I am very excited about it. We will be making a Cherry Hibiscus Ale. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

1. Ethan is doing well with his reading this year! So far he is not in the special reading group that he was in last year! I can see a HUGE improvement in his skills!

2. I am so excited that the school pictures came back. They both look like handsome young men. I can't believe how grown up they are becoming.

3. Jared is doing well in school! We are all still adjusting but it is going well!

4. Kellen has become a big help around the house!

Have a great week!


Tiny Triumphs 32!

It has been another busy week here in Central Wisconsin. We are still trying to get into the swing of things with school started. It seems that there is a lot of homework for both boys. Kellen usually gets about an hour of homework and so does Ethan. Have I mentioned before that I HATE homework? I hate it for me and I hate making them do it. But, I have to make them do it even if it is no fun. I am into having fun so this is rough. Just wait til next semester when I am in school and doing my homework right along with them.

1. The garden that I rent is all taken down. All that was left was tomatoes and those were not doing well. The tomatoes caught blight and were going down hill fast. So the boys and I went in and cleaned up our plot. I plan to rent this plot again and most likely another. I covered a few things in the back garden last night. I want to save the eggplant that I found out there and the melon that it growing. We shall see if any of it lives.

2. I found the coolest window crayons ever! They write on the windows great! Crayola makes them and they come off very easily too! I use them to write notes to the boys on the bathroom mirror when I have gone to the gym.

3. Jared and I have actually gotten up and gone to the gym this week! It is a step in the right direction. On another note my chlestorol was checked today and it went down by 67 points! That is awesome!! Just had to share!

4. The boys seem to love their new teachers! They are both new this year so they were a little nervous about it. But who would not love Kellen and Ethan?

Have a good week!


Garden Growing!

The garden in the back was stunted because it did not have enough sun until we took down a tree. So it is thriving now! A little too late in the season to get much out of it, but we will see how next year goes.Baby eggplant
My pumpkin vines. We won't get any this year from it so we will move them next year.
Another baby eggplant
A baby watermelon the size of my fist!
Pumpkin flower

Ride 'Em Cowboys!

At the fair there was a mechanical bull. The boys drove me nuts wanting to ride it. Well, they had their chance. It was so funny to watch! They could not throw the boys off for safety reasons but I wanted them to. Check out the pictures to see how they did!

Learning the ropes!

Back Flip Department!

Two days of the fair we were able to catch the Back Flip Departments show. They are stunt BMX bike riders. They are awesome! The boys and I loved watching them. They scared Grandma Sandy, she had a hard time watching them. Check out the pictures below and if you are ever able to catch a show, do it! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The boys with the whole crew!

2000 One One, Let's Have Some Fair Fun!

Sorry this has taken a week to get up! I have been so busy! Jared started school this week and we are all adjusting to that. We just have to get how things are going to go figured out. Slowly we are working on that. So on with the fair. The boys had a blast as we were there every single day of fair. We all got in free so we figured why not use the passes. Grandma and Bumpa came up on Saturday and Great Grandma and Grandma Schumacher came out on Sunday!

Jared and I love the bulldozer game that most fairs have. You know the one that you put a token in and the arm slides forward and pushes everything up. The hope of the game is to win more tokens to keep going. Well, now the boys are addicted to it also. We made friends with the woman who ran it and got better prizes because of it. She loved the boys and would put special things up close so they were easy to knock off. They can't wait til next year to play again.This is Ethan being judged. He got a ribbon for everything that he entered in the fair as he is a Cloverbud (youngest 4-H members).
This is Ethan petting Mr. P (the boys called him that)
Ethan's jalapeno that he helped grow so he entered
Ethan's Hamburger no bake cookies!
Ethan's bird house
The Easter wreath
Kellen's S'more Granola Bars! First place, baby!
Kellen's second place pants!
My second place cactus
This is a bird feeder that I made and it did not even place. I think that no one knew what it was. But I love it! Aunt Sherry, you did not see this picture!
My beer bottle picture took fourth
Goldfish races were also held at the fair. It was a free game that the kids had to scoop up as many fish as they could in a minute. Ethan was great at it!
There is Kellen trying his hand at it
It is hard to be stared at
The ladies all dressed up!
These were the wild ladies!
Kellen being judged on his rocket
More judging! First place again!
His Lego fish bowl!
Here he is with his creation
Being judged. He got second place on his Lego fish bowl
The first place rocket!
Petting a bunny
Ethan and a tiny bunny!


Tiny Triumphs 31!

Well, summer vacation is officially over today. I am kind of bored with no one to play with. How sad is that? But never fear I have found some not fun things that I have been putting off that will now get done. Like cleaning the upstairs bathroom. YUCK!

1. The fair has started and the boys things are being judged. I don't want to tell you how they are doing yet because not all of Kellen's are judged yet. I will do a post all about it when everything is judged. But let me tell you they are doing very well!

2. I now have a sixth grader and a third grader! Where does the time go? I feel like I was just having them and changing diapers. Does this mean that I am getting old? Because I am sure that I am still 27 years old. I am not actually 34.

3. I entered some things in the fair as well. As of yesterday my cactus got a second place. I will let you know how I do on the rest. I have a feeling that my jam is going to be disqualified because I put it in the wrong category. But this is my first year doing this so I am learning.

4. Jared and I have plans to go to the gym in the mornings before school. I am putting this here so that you can give us a push so we will go. But I have to say that 5 in the morning is REALLY early! And we will need a few pushes.

Have a great week!