A Fireman and Darth Vader

Here are just a few pictures that I took of the boys over the weekend at Jared's Annual Family Reunion. There will be more pictures to come. I just have over 400 to go through. So that might take awhile.

Ethan in his White Elephant Fireman's hat. You will also notice that his face is painted. He said that he was a fire fighting cat!Here is Darth, oops, I mean Kellen in his new Darth mask that he got from the White Elephant exchange.


New Car

Okay well this is a picture of the boys and April with the "new" car. April is so excited about having one this big because of all the things that she will be able to put in there. Also, since she does Daycare out of the house this car will enable her to take all the kids on small trips. She has also gotten hooked on Craigslist.com and now has room to buy some furniture. We are going to get it a paint job so that it is a much cooler color like the Partridge Family Bus. But we could not turn it down once we saw that it had a seat cushion in it.
We did not really buy the bus. But we thought that it was funny. We bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.


On Saturday we went to the Drive In theater. We love it there. We saw Shrek III and Blades of Glory. Jared and I laughed so hard that our sides hurt. We would recommend them both. We went with Anna, Jon, Pam, and Todd. We all had sooooooooooo much fun! The three kids being funny together
Ethan at the movies!

Kellen and Anna

Marky Marker

Ethan took a marker and paper outside to draw with the big kids. I did not know what he was up to. All of a sudden our neighbor brought home the Ethan that you see below. He had colored all over his face, legs, hands, and clothes. He kept saying that Kellen helped and I did not believe him. When I stripped him down and saw his tushie I knew that Kellen had indeed helped with the beautification of Ethan.

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Grandma dropped off a bouncy horse for the Garage Sale. The boys have now decided that it is going to stay at our house. Here are a few of the pictures of them.


Crystal Light Fun!

One day last week we were bored and looking for something to do. I ran across some old Crystal Light containers and got them out for the boys to play with. Aiden and Ethan had a blast with them!You would be amazed at how poorly you can hear when you have them on your ears. Ethan kept yelling "what" and "say that again to me".
Ethan being goofy with one stuck to his face
Ethan building a tower
Ethan knocking that tower down
This is the tallest tower that we made that day

Sand Fun!

Grandma Schumacher gave us a tractor tire to use as a sand box. The boys just love it. They spend most of their outside time in there. We have sand all over the house but hey, what is a little sweeping for hours of fun?Ethan in the sand box. He has discovered a few annoying things about sand. First, if you put it in your hair, mom will get mad and then you have to take a shower. Second, and this is a BIG one, if you put sand down your pants you will get sand in your butt and then mom will get mad and you have to take a shower.
Kellen building a sand castle. He has decided that since the sand box is not square it should not be called a box. He calls it a sand circle.
All three boys in the sand circle.

Thanks Grandma Schumacher for the tire we will get good use out of it.