Apples, Apples, and more Apples!

Here are some pictures I took while apple picking. I have no pictures of the actual picking because I was too busy picking and eating that I did not pick up my camera. Here is Jared and Kellen heading to the trees
Drew and Noah

MMMMMMMMMMM Raspberries!

On Saturday afternoon we met Elena, Drew, and Noah at Eplegaarden!
We picked Raspberries and Apples. All the boys had fun! The adults did too! Drew with the Raspberries that him and Elena picked
Ethan checking out the berry. He was the best picker! He does not like them so he would pick them but not eat them. His and Jared's basket got filled so quick!
This is Noah! He was playing in the dirt. No one would let him near their berries because he would eat them and not stop. At one point he pushed Elena down to try to get her basket.
Drew in the Raspberry patch
Ethan picking
Jared digging deep. He kept teasing us that we left tons of berries. We just did that so that he would not be bored!
Kellen picking Raspberries. At one point him and Drew were having a contest to see who could pick and eat more berries. I am not sure who the winner was. I am not sure it mattered as they both ate their fill.

Yes, That is right. We found more!

Last week while Jared was cleaning the basement he found two more salamanders. He called up to me and told me to come see what he had found he said you will really love it! Well, I went down there thinking that he had found some long lost treasure and see these two on the floor. So I caught them so that Kellen could see them when he got home and then we could set them free. I swear to you I will never go into the basement again!

The boys love these things. They hold them and play with them. YUCK! I would not do it for a million dollars. OK, so maybe for a million I would hold one. Anyone writing the check? No? Then I don't have to hold them. Anyways, they are now safe in the swamp across the street.

Balloon Fun!

One day last week I blew up a ton of balloons for the kids to play with! They had so much fun. Below is a picture of Ethan in the balloons!


I am just trying this out. It looked like a neat way to share a video. This one is of Justin, Anthony, Kellen, and Ethan playing in the sandbox on Labor Day. We went over to Uncle Aaron's and Auntie Jenny's to have lunch and play. And the best part was Grandma Schumacher was there! The boys just love seeing her!

Ethan's 1st Day of School

Today Ethan started Pre-School! He was very excited! He goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:45 to 2:45! He told me before we got there that I was not allowed to stay any longer than it took to drop him off. When I left the kids were playing play-dough. I am not even sure he knew I left. On the way home I cried because my baby is getting so big. I am sure it will do both of us good to be away from each other. Ethan in his new backpack ready to go. He was ready at 7 this morning but I was mean and made him wait until 11:45
A close up of his backpack
Ethan showing how his backpack wheels around

I am sure that he will have so much to tell me and I will make sure I post how it went


1st Day Of Second Grade!

Today was Kellen's first day of 2nd grade. He was a little worried because he did not know his teacher (she is new this year) and very few of the kids that were in his class the last couple of years that he liked were in there with him. When he got home and I asked him how his day went he said "GREAT!" "I love 2nd grade and Ms. Loker and never want to leave!" He also told me that he did not even want to come home! Kellen with his backpack and lunch ready to go to school!
Another one. He wore his Heelys the Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jerry gave him (without the wheels in them because they are not allowed at school with the wheels on). He thought that he was so cool.
Ethan helping Kellen carry his school supplies while walking with Anna