Spring Band Concert!

A few weeks ago was Kellen's spring band concert. I am just now getting some time to put up the pictures. What can I say? It has been a busy few weeks! I was in awe of all that the kids and their teachers have accomplished in just a few short months. It actually sounded like music!! I could even tell what they were playing! We stuck around after the fifth graders were done and watched the sixth graders. I can't wait to see how Kellen does next year!!Ethan reading before the concert
Kellen getting ready to go on stage
We were told to dress the kids nicely and this was the kid sitting next to Kellen. I am still kind of mad that he showed up that way. It did make it fairly easy to spot Kellen with this sitting next to him
Kellen all red cheeked. The lights on stage were HOT!

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