Kid's Fair 2008

On Saturday we went to the Kid's Fair. We went last year too. Click HERE to see pictures of last year. This year had some new treats in store for us. We went with Auntie Jamie and Aiden. Kellen was not with us, he was spending time at the farm with Grandma. Ethan was shy at first but seemed to loosen up after a bit. One of the stations let the kids plant their own bean. Here is Ethan with his plant
Paging Doctor Ethan, Doctor Ethan To the ER STAT!

Doctor Aiden is needed in Surgery!

Doctor Jared needs to be checked into the psyche ward!

Ethan peeking out of a tunnel thing!

Aiden coming out of a locker! We could not get Ethan to go in one. I think he knows that he may be stuffed into one in High School.

Auntie Jamie coming out of...............................the locker!
Part of the day was a petting zoo! I think that Ethan loved this part the most! Above is Ethan checking out the fish in the HUGE tank!
Bucket of Goslings
Bucket of Ducklings
Ethan holding a Gosling Auntie Jamie holding a Duckling. Aiden really loved the Ducklings. Jamie could not get him away from them!
April holding a bunny
Ethan holding a bunny!
Ethan holding an older baby chicken. He told me that they were all roosters!
Bucket of what Ethan refered to as Roosters

This bucket has chicks in it that were hatched four days before we were able to hold them. Ethan and I refered to them as Peeps. I guess we still had Easter Candy on our minds!
Ethan holding a Peep! It just sat on his hand and he just loved it!

Ethan getting his hand prints done!
Ethan and Mom making a necklace!
I did not get any pictures of the police dog that was there. But we got to pet it and he was just a big sweetie. I just am glad that he was not on me for doing a crime. Then he would be SCARY! HERE is a picture of him with his handler. The handler's name is Jason Behm and the dog is Deuce. They are at the bottom of the page that I linked you to.


Busy As A Bee!

Three of the four boys played a FUN game on Saturday! It is called Busy Busy Bumblebee! You have to strap the bees to your head and try to pick up the pollen. They look so silly doing it. Ethan, Anthony, and Justin trying to catch the pollen
Ethan showing off his bee
Ethan and Justin
Ethan caught some pollen

Great Grandpa and The Boys

Here is a picture of Great Grandpa and all four boys

Can You Find The Egg?

After we were done coloring the eggs Grandma, Auntie Jenny, and Mom went and hid them outside for the kids to find. They had so much fun looking in the snow and everywhere to find them. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa were the adult helpers. Ethan waiting to be let outside
Anthony, Kellen, Justin, and Ethan
Team #1 was Anthony, Great Grandpa, and Kellen. We called them the Red team because of the boys' coats
Team #2 was Justin, Great Grandma, and Ethan
April made a snowman and made its head out of an egg

Great Grandma looking in the trees for some eggs
Egg in the snow

A hand grabbing an egg
Ethan counting his eggs
Egg in the bush
HUH? What egg? Luckily Great Grandma was on the ball or it might still be there
Great Grandpa helping Anthony find the eggs
Egg in a Tree
The snow was so deep that April fell in to her knee. Most of the time you could walk on it but sometimes you would fall through. April did not think this was funny
Can you spot the egg?
It was very difficult to capture all of the action on the camera with everyone moving around so much. So those were the best pics of the hunt. We only lost one egg somewhere in the snow. Maybe we will see it in the spring. And at least it was not in the house!

Colored Hands......I mean Coloring Eggs

On the Saturday before Easter we colored our hands......oops......I mean we colored our eggs. We were at Grandma Schumacher's house. Anthony and Justin were there too. So were Auntie Jenny and Uncle Aaron. The boys all played together so well. There was barely any fighting. Kellen writing a secret message on one of his eggs
Justin taking a break to smile for the camera

Ethan working hard. He was so fast that his eggs were kind of muted colors. He would not leave them in for very long
Kellen working on an egg. Kellen was one of the slowest because each of his eggs had to have a secret message on it.
Ethan wanted this picture of his blue egg up
Some eggs swimming in the color pool
Anthony being helped by his mom.
Justin and Kellen working
Ethan's finished dozen of eggs