Luther Loyality Day

Since I forgot to take a picture of the boys on the first day of school, I took one for the first Luther Loyalty Day. The school has Luther Loyalty day once a month. They encourage the kids and staff to wear the school colors. They then have a drawing and someone from each class wins a small prize. So here is a picture of the boys sporting their Luther best!

Aztalan State Park

On Saturday night we took a picnic dinner to Aztalan State Park. The boys had fun running to the top of the hills. I guess Aztalan used to be an Indian village. It was very interesting to see. Kellen eating
Ethan at our picnic
The sign that explains Aztalan
Kellen trying to pump water
Ethan giving it a shot
The boys running to the top of the first hill
Ethan running up the hill
Those four straight shadows are us
Ethan is "King of the World!"
My boys looking at one of the signs
Mom and her boys walking

April and the boys playing tag
April and the boys at the bottom of the hill

Another one
The boys being goofy and April kicking some butt