C is for Cookie

Today, we made cookies. We made Spritz and Shortbread. Ethan wanted to help the most that is why there are more pictures of him helping than Kellen. Ethan has been in a very helping mood lately. Ethan and April mixing the Spritz cookies
Ethan making his cookies
Kellen picking out what kind of cookie he wanted to make
Kellen putting sprinkles on his cookies. After they were all baked and cooled the boys each tried a cookie of theirs and one of their brother's. They declared that the one they made were better than the others.

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

Today we all put up and decorated the tree. I know it is fake but it makes less of a mess and you can't forget to water it. Jared and I have lost many a strand of lights when we forgot to water the tree then instead of taking the lights off and making a mess threw them out and bought new. This is so much easier for us. Look at how tall Kellen is getting. That is a 6.5 foot tree.
The boys putting on the ornaments
Ethan decorating the tree. Sorry about the dark picture
Kellen making sure that enough ornaments were hanging off the bottom

Thanksgiving 2008

On Thanksgiving we went to Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jerry's. It is always great to get together with the whole family and this time was a GREAT time too! There was plenty to be thankful for and we all had fun celebrating it.

Aunt Sherry set up a table for the kids in the basement with all kinds of crafts to do. The kids had so much fun making things. Trevor making something out of pearler beads
Ethan watching Bella draw. All I have heard about in the last few days is how Ethan loved playing with Bella. How cool she is.......etc
Lulu and Cassidy with the crafts
Ethan's eraser inch worm
Later in the day the littler kids got a chance to go in the hot tub. They watched Nemo and had so much fun. They really loved it when Trevor and Bella threw snowballs in at them.
The four kids in the hot tub
Kellen being strange
The kids swimming in the snow. That is how Kellen told me it was. They had so much fun that they made Aunt Sherry promise that they could do it again on Christmas Eve.
As I look back at this blog I smile and think of family. That is what I am most thankful for this year, last year, and every year to come!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! Eat, drink, and be happy. I know we will! Ethan in the turkey hat he made at school!


Kellen and Shells

This is a picture of Kellen with Shells the Gecko. Notice Shells' color. When Ethan held him he was bright orange and happy. When Kellen is holding him he is not quite as colorful so not quite as happy.


On Saturday, April had to work and so did Jared. The boys got to hang out with Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie. They had lunch, went to Chuck E. Cheese, played games, and of course played with Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie's Lizards.
Kellen holding a Blue Tongued Skink, Gloria
Ethan holding a Gecko Shells. I was told by Marie that you can tell Shells is happy because he is bright Orange. She told me that Ethan must be a Gecko whisperer
Ethan got bored playing Monopoly and let Shells climb all over him.
Ethan with Ping the Gecko on his head
Ethan and the bearded dragon, Mysti. I have to say that Mysti and the Geckos are my favorites. The Geckos have such a light touch when they are on your hand. They also seem to feel cold.

Thanks Ben and Marie for taking the boys! If I got any of the names wrong let me know and I will change it.


The Art Bucket

Last week I filled a bucket with a bunch of arts and craft things for the boys. Spare stickers, balloons, bingo markers, paper, glue, puff balls, and tons more stuff. I let the boys just create what they felt like making. They have had a blast! The things they created are amazing and I noticed that when I let them use these things when they wanted to the T.V. has been off a lot more than it has been on. Kellen creating a balloon on a string with stickers on it
Ethan using his favorite thing............Tape
The balloon man that Ethan made. It has feather hair and puff ball pony tail


The week after Halloween I bought these for the boys. I fell in love with the hooded zip up sweatshirt that when the hood was zipped there was a mask. The boys love them too! I bought out the store (Some of my nephews will be getting them with their Christmas presents!) Kellen, on the left and Ethan on the right
Have you ever seen cuter robots?


Parade Fun!

Every year, Fort Atkinson has a Holiday Parade! This year it was on Saturday. The boys and Jared went as I had to work. This is the first parade in five years that I have missed. I was very sad. The boys had a blast though. Jared said that this years parade was the biggest yet. The boys got so much candy, toothbrushes, magnets, toys, and more that after a while Ethan decided that he was bored and did not want any more candy. That does not make him my child! Ethan has his bag and is ready for the parade to begin
Kellen giving the death glare
The streets all lit up for the upcoming holiday season
The boys all bundled up sitting on the curb
A decorated fire engine
I assume that this is one of the floats. As I was not there I can only assume. After looking at these pictures I would much rather have been freezing outside than listening to Christmas tunes for 8 hours.


Working Out!

Last week we went and visited Grandma Sandy and Bumpa. We went Trick-or-Treating, had dinner, and played the Wii. We had so much fun on the Wii Fit. So in an effort to exercise more and sit less we bought our own today. The boys love it! April is the Hula Hoop Champ in the house and Jared is the best Ski Jumper. We all love it! Kellen on the Wii Fit at Grandma's house
Ethan ski jumping at Grandma and Bumpa's house

Recipes That We Love!

I wanted to share a few recipes with you that we have found that we love! One is fun and one is just good. Hope you like them.

Three Little Pigs Mix
- One bag of Chocolate Chunks (bricks)
- One can of potato shoe laces (straw)
- 1/2 bag pretzel sticks (sticks)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve! Read the story The Three Little Pigs and eat their houses!

And now for the yummy!

French Toast Casserole
- 5 cups Bread cubes
- 4 eggs
-1 1/2 cups milk
- 1/4 cup sugar, divided
-1/4 tsp. salt
- 1 tsp. vanilla
-1 Tablespoon margarine softened
1 tsp cinnamon

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly butter an 8x8 inch baking pan
- Line bottom of the pan with bread cubes. In large bowl , beat together eggs, milk, 2 tablespoons sugar, salt, and vanilla. Pour egg mixture over bread cubes dot with margarine and let stand for 10 minutes.
- Combine remaining sugar and cinnamon sprinkle over the top.
- Bake in preheated oven for 45-50 minutes until top is golden brown

Serve hot with syrup or powdered sugar