Kellen Practices Golf

Over Memorial Day weekend Kellen went golfing with Jared's cousin and his son! Kellen had a great time and now wants to play golf with anyone who will take him! Below are some pictures of him practicing before he went out to play.

Newspaper Fun!

Today while Kellen was at summer school having fun Ethan and Aiden played with newspapers! I forgot how much fun they are! Ethan sporting the Newspaper look which will be all the rage this fall for back to school
Even Owen got into the act
Ethan and Aiden all dressed up and nowhere to go

Dream Park!

On Sunday we went to a Dream Park in Jefferson! The boys loved it! We did not stay as long as we wanted to because Ethan got Sunscreen in his eye and wanted to go home Kellen trying to climb a rope
The boys put on a puppet show for us using their hands
Ethan peeking at me. You can see his left eye was bothering him
Ethan climbing up a rope ladder

Jared climbing up the rope ladder. He just had to get in on the fun with the boys

Kellen the monkey man Teche
Ethan on the rope bridge
Kellen on the rope bridge
Ethan on the bouncy bridge

Poppers, Snakes, and Smoke Bombs OH MY!

On Saturday night we had some fun with poppers, snakes, and smoke bombs! The boys had a blast! Jared made the boys a HUGE snake! He used like 5 packs of snakes. The picture above is the boys watching it burn!
Kellen making a face while trying to get a popper to snap in his hands
Goofy Ethan
Ethan trying to pop one in his fingers. He never did get one to go. I think that we got duds
Kellen trying again to snap one in his fingers
Kellen being crazy trying to step on any poppers that were forgotten or did not pop on impact
Both boys trying to find any of the poppers that still need to be popped
Kellen in the Green smoke
Kellen and Ethan in the Orange smoke
The last two pictures are of the boys watching a snake grow

Car Show - June 2007

On the third Tuesday of the month a Cruise In is held at a park down the road from our house. We always try to go and see the old classic cars and the newer ones. Lately we have been going because our neighbor brings his bike. Also, another friend of ours brought his new car for the first time! The boys like to go and see the old cars and play on the equipment. The adults have fun just seeing and dreaming of one day owning a car like the ones that are there. The back of Papa's Corvette!
The boys posing by a car that is going to make Papa drool when he sees it!
Look! It is just like my Jeep but with Gull wing doors! I am so getting that done!
The boys by a yellow car. I don't remember the make or model but it is awesome!
Cruella De Ville, Cruella De Ville, If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will. The boys loved this car because it was one like Cruella drove.
Or friend Todd's car. A Mazda Z!
The car show at a glance


Family Reunion 2007

Over the Memorial Day weekend we went up north to Merrill to attend Jared's yearly family reunion. We had a great time!

Here we all are going on a hay ride! We had a blast! We sang songs, waved at all the cars, and all the kids got a chance to "drive" You will notice that Kellen is not with us. He went golfing with Jared's cousin and his son. We do not have any pictures of that because Great Grandpa's camera ran out of batteries. But golf is now his favorite thing to do.

Here is the view of the horse's butt that Ethan and Jared had. Ethan would let us all know when the horse would poop

Ethan and Jared on the hay ride

Here is the poop that Ethan saw

Horse hoof in the road

This is Ricky Dorn and his girlfriend. They were awesome! We all had a BLAST!

These are the Clydesdales that pulled our wagon. Their names are Nell and Fan

Ethan driving. He was so serious because he thought that he was actually responsible for how fast the horses were going to go

A picture of the wagon as it was leaving

Kellen gambling at the family reunion. (Check out the screen and figure out why he is smiling)

Ethan gambling

Ethan again