Justin and Anthony Came For Dinner (Auntie Jenny and Uncle Aaron too)

On Sunday Uncle Aaron, Auntie Jenny, Justin, and Anthony came over for dinner. The boys all had a good time playing. We had very few problems! They all seemed to have fun with each other!
Anthony playing Foosball! He could barely see over the top but that did not stop him from having a good time!
Anthony and Kellen were on a team! Now that Anthony is on the chair he is really playing!Ethan and Justin were on a team! As I am doing this Ethan is reminding me that him and Justin won the game!

We played with the Mega Fort as well! We had a great time! They made a fort then were making other things!
Ethan and what he made ( He called it the Puke Machine) (I know it looks scary)
Kellen and what he made! It looks like he has pig tales!
Justin made the 8 first then we had him turn it into infinity!
Justin and his eight! He did it all by himself!
Anthony and what he made! I don't know what it is exactly but he is happy and that is all that counts!
Kellen peeking out of the fort!
The for that the boys made! With some help from Auntie Jenny and Mom.
Anthony peeking out of the fort!
When they were done playing in the fort they all beat it to the ground!
This is all that was left of the fort after the boys had their way with it! There is barely a beam staning. It looks as if a huricane hit. I will call it Huricane Kellen-Ethan-Justin-Anthony!
My boys had a Great time and hope that Justin and Anthony will come back and play soon!


Grandpa Teche's Visit

Today Grandpa Teche (Jared's Dad) came for a visit! The boys had fun seeing him. Here are some pictures of the time that we spent with him.

Kellen reading the book that Grandpa brought for them to Ethan!
Me in the hat!

Grandpa Teche wearing the hat!

We played a game of foosball with Grandpa! The boys had fun. Ethan and Jared won by one point. When the game was over they all shook hands and told everyone "good game".

Kellen and Grandpa. Kellen is concentrating hard on what is going on.

Ethan and Jared playing!

Grandpa reading the new book to the boys. Kellen had a hard time with some of the words because it is about how to say yes and no in different languages. It really is a cute book. IT is called What Is Your Language?

Fun with Fire!!!!

It was only 16 degrees outside last night. But we decided to break in the fire pit! We roasted hot dogs and had S'mores. The kids had a blast and so did the adults! We were cold but boy was it a good time.

Ann, how does the snow look on our tree?


Kellen being a goof by the fire!

Kellen, Anna, and Jon checking out the flames!

Ethan having dinner and keeping warm by the fire.
We decided to do it as often as we can. But I think we are going to wait for warmer weather!


Let it Snow!

It snowed last night! We waited till the big kids got out of school to go out and play. We all had a blast! Kellen throwing a snowball!

Ethan tossing the snow!

Aiden trying to toss the snow like Ethan did!

Anna making a snow angel!

Kellen making a snow angel!

Aiden making a snow angel!

Ethan making a snow angel! He was making them all over the yard. I think he has like 12 out there!


Pinewood Derby 2007

Today Kellen was in the Pinewood Derby with his Cub Scout Troop. Jared and Kellen worked hard on Kellen's car. As you can see in some of these pictures it is a Banana Car. He won second place in his troop. There are only two kids in his troop and Nick placed first. Kellen also was given an award for most unique car! He is so proud of himself. He is planning on taking the ribbon and the car to show and tell. Nick and Kellen getting their awards!
The Banana Car on the track!

Kellen in his Tiger Cub Scout uniform! Isn't he handsome?

Ethan watching the races. He was not real thrilled that there was nothing that he could do.

The Banana Car! 2nd place finisher in the Tiger Cub Pack and most unique of all the cars there!


Kellen Writes!

I am doing a derby race tomorrow. I am makeing a banana car. Me,mom,ethan and dad are watching the race.

That is by Kellen!


TIMBER..............Part 2

This is what our yard looks like now that the tree is down. We still have a lot of cleaning up to do out there but we are now one step closer!

I am just so amazed and happy that it is gone. Also, I never thought that I would say this but I am a little sad.


Super Sid!

Sid helping me do dishes! We call this bubble nose.

This is my house and I say you can't come in..............
Sid has his scarf on to stay warm!

SUPER SID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I take care of Aiden while his mom and dad ( Jamie and Adam) are at work! We have a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of the boys all being SILLY! HOG PILE!
Fish Face! I guess he takes after April!

Kellen curling his tounge!

Ethan, Aiden, and Kellen making funny faces! Check out Kellen's toothless grin!

The cousins sitting on the front porch!


We have an old Birch tree in our backyard. It was always dropping sticks. It also left a mess in the Spring and again in the Fall. Some friends of ours started yesterday taking it down for us! We are so excited! Hopefully this Summer we will have grass. Also, when it rains we won't have a mud hole back there! When it is all down I will put up more pictures! A pile of sticks that were taken off the tree!
What is left of the tree today! It looks so much different!