Merry Christmas!

I know these are late. But again better late than never. Here are all the kids posing with presents. The top row from left to right is Trevor, Bella, and Kellen. The bottom row from left to right is Lulu, Ethan, and Cassidy.
Kellen opening a gift
Ethan opening his Optimus Prime Voice Changer
Kellen and his voice changer
Ethan and his Hot wheels thing
Kellen got a Nerf Blaster. Rick told him that he could have it only if he shot me with it twice. What a nice cousin I have! Just so everyone knows he did it.
The boys opening their stockings on Christmas morning. We were at Grandma Schumacher's house when Santa came to visit.
Kellen checking out something from his stocking
Ethan re-stuffing his stocking before opening his gifts. Aren't they both cute in the matching PJ's that Mom and Dad got them?