Christmas is almost over......

This is Ethan in a Squishy hat with a mohawk!
Here is Uncle Ben in the same hat!

The boys playing with their Mega Fort!

Trevor (Rick's child) and Kellen and mohawk hat!

Jared sporting the mohawk hat!

Kellen looking in his stocking from Grandma

The boys had a GREAT christmas! Santa brought Hermit Crabs, Dr. Dreadful Lab, a computer game for Kellen, and a gumball machine for Ethan. They have gotten so much stuff in the last two days. They are planning on playing all day to play with it all.

We still have a visit from my dad and step mom this week. And a visit in Janurary from Jared's dad to look foward to.
Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Here are some pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! There are more to come.


Merry Christmas to all!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will be posting pics soon!



Here is the pic of Sid

Let the Holidays begin......

Well, it is Friday and now all the fun is going to start! Today is Kellen's last day of school before Winter break. He is having a party at school today. Instead of a gift exchange they are doing sharing stockings. All the kids bring in 19 small things and put one in each person's stocking. Then when they open it they have lots of cool stuff.

Ethan is getting ready by making sure that his santa hat still fits. He has only tried it on about 50 times in the last few days. He is also trying to be very good so that santa will come and visit.

We made cookies last night! Just two easy ones but they sure loved to help!

Our plans for this weekend and the rest of the week are hectic but I will try to put up some pics as I take them.

I put up a picturre of Sid our family dog. He is a Bullmastiff and is almost 2 and weighs in at 140 lbs. Enjoy this pic!

Have a Happy Holiday! And a Super Duper New Year!


First Blog

I will be putting what the boys are doing and what we are up to. I hope to put some pictures on here as well. We will see how it goes. It is one of my resolutions to do this and a few other things as well.