I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful night! We will be ringing in the New Year with friends and family! There will be food and drinks and of course games! We will be safe and happy. Not a bad way to start out 2010! The Teche family wishes everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous, and a happy 2010!

Tiny Triumphs 8

Here we are again another week down and time again for Tiny Triumphs!

1. The Christmas tree is down and so are the decorations

2. The boys are really loving all that they got for Christmas!

3. It is almost 2010!

4. And as usual the litter is still being scooped!


More Christmas!

On Christmas night all the rest of Jared's family came up to Grandma Schumacher's house. All the cousins got to play together and they seemed to have a great time!All the cousins! From the left Justin, Aiden, Anthony, Kellen, Ethan, Owen, and Lucian
Ethan and Great Grandpa
Ethan wearing his glow glasses
Kellen, Aiden, and Ethan sitting on Great Grandpa
Great Grandpa is under there somewhere
Aiden, Ethan, Justin, and Anthony watching Kellen play DS

Christmas Morning 2009

Santa visited us at Grandma Schumacher's house! Santa was VERY generous this year! He brought games and DS games and a ton of other stuff!Ethan with his FULL stocking
Kellen with his FULL stocking
Kellen showing off the gloves that Santa left in his stocking
Ethan checking out his stocking loot
Check out that GIANT gummy bear that Santa brought
Kellen with the Hex bug that Santa left in his stocking
Kellen with a DS game that Santa left
Ethan showing off his GX cars that Santa left
Ethan and his second favorite present a Bakugan robot thing
Ethan showing off his DS holder
Kellen with his Bakugan
Ethan showing off his game
Ethan showing off his deer antler that Grandma gave him
To pass the time what do you do? Kellen plays his new DS. That is what the boys did if there was a lull in the festivities.

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve was spent with April's side of the family! We were all up at Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jerry's house. We have a great time when we are all together! A loud but good time was had by all!Bumpa and Grandma Sandy
Marie and Ben stuffing their faces
The Ladies! Cassidy, Bella, and Lulu
Ethan and Kellen horsing around
Ethan and Kellen checking out what Grandma and Bumpa put in their stockings
Kellen opening up a game that he got in his stocking
A cute picture of Lisa
The game.
The disaster we call Christmas in our family. But it is so much fun!
Kellen and Ethan opening their Nintendo DSs that Grandma and Bumpa gave them. This is their favorite thing that they got this year!
Ethan checking out his Zhu Zhu pet
Kellen with one of his games for the DS
Trevor, I think that we got a good one here. He was being a booger and not letting me take his picture all night. Ha Ha we got one! And, for the record, I did not fall over! I went stealth!
The kids opening time
Ben and Marie
Lulu opening her guinea pig cage that she got for Christmas! She was so excited!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From the Teche Family!

Tiny Triumphs 7

Here we go again! I LOVE doing these!

1. The litter is still being taken care of!

2. We are all ready for all the Christmas stuff that we have to do in the next few weeks!

3. We went to Family Christmas on Sunday and had a blast!

4. The boys are out of school for a week and a half!


Lily, The Crazy Cat!

Lily is a crazy kitty! She is always making us laugh. Lily discovered that she could walk on the ledge of our loft. She has been there since
I have a plant on the ledge and Lily was in the pot. I guess I have to move it.

Family Christmas 2009

On Sunday we went to Auntie Carol and Uncle Greg's house and celebrated Christmas! We always have a great time! Good food and family! Who could ask for more?Patrick serving his set it and forget it turkey. It was delicious!
Sarah and Turk
Lucian got upset and Marli was right there to give him a hug
Beyonce or I should say Miss Beyonce
Shawn with all the kids attacking him


Kellen's Holiday Program 2009

On Tuesday night we went to Kellen's Holiday program! It was so cute! My favorite song was I'm Not Perfect! I took a video of it but I am having some trouble getting it up on here. I will keep trying.Ethan being goofy before the program
Kellen is in there somewhere
Kellen is a few kids down from the kid in the yellow shirt. He is next to Anna!

I am going to keep trying to get the video to load. It was a very cute program! I just wish that the parents who brought their small children would have kept them quiet and from running around. Also, people were talking through the whole thing. It was rude but it was an enjoyable night! Okay, my rant is now over!